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In the ZONE! This will be you next class, Cardio is going to be every day for at least 20-30 min.

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1 In the ZONE! This will be you next class, Cardio is going to be every day for at least min

2 Expectations Everyone must change up for class
Must change in locker rooms in 6-8 minutes You must change into different clothing. You must wear sneakers All belongings stay in locker room. Must attend and participate in class. Must demonstrate appropriate behavior and respect for others as well as equipment.

3 The“New PE” Everyone - 25 minute cardio segment with a heart monitor each class period 25 minute selection segment Selection choices will rotate every two weeks

4 Why the New PE? EVERYBODY gets into the their ”ZONE” EVERYDAY!
Everybody can choose an activity they want

5 Selections Weight training Ropes course climbing Adventure games
Circuit workout Group exercise class Sports Hockey Flag football Basketball Volleyball Ultimate frisbee Softball Kickball Soccer Selections will be based on class size and students’ interests.

6 Benefits of Being in your Zone
Increases metabolism, burns calories Strengthens bones and muscles Reduces chances of getting cardiovascular diseases Lowers blood pressure Decreases stress level Increases energyImproves sleep Elevates self esteem


8 F.I.T.T Frequency- How often you exercise 3 days a week
Intensity- How hard you exercise % of your max heart rate Time- How long you exercise 30 Minutes Type- Kind of exercise (weight training, cardiovascular, stretching)

9 Health Components of Physical Fitness
Body Composition Flexibility Muscular Strength Muscular Endurance Cardiovascular Endurance

10 Body Composition The ratio of body fat to lean body tissue
Body Fat percentages Classification Female Male Very Lean <13% <8% Optimal Body Fat Zone % % Healthy Fitness Zone % % Needs Improvement >32% >25%

11 Flexibility The ability to move a joint in full range of motion
Stretches to improve flexibility V- stretch Standing Quad Stretch Standing Hamstring stretch Trunk Stretch Butterfly stretch Sit n reach stretch Standing calf stretch Stretches should be held for seconds

12 Muscular Strength & Muscular Endurance Muscular Strength = High weight & low reps Muscular Endurance = Low weight & high reps

13 Cardiovascular Endurance
The ability of the heart, lungs, and blood vessels to send fuel and oxygen to the body’s tissue during long periods of vigorous activity

14 Aerobic Exercises to improve Cardiovascular Endurance
Walking Jogging Biking Hiking Skating Rollerblading Step aerobics Spinning Cardio Machines: Treadmill, Elliptical Sports: Soccer, Basketball, Hockey, Football

15 Calisthenics to improve muscular strength & muscular endurance
Calisthenics are exercises designed to use your own body weight to develop muscular strength and muscular endurance. Push-ups Sit-ups Crunches Pull-ups Chin-ups Mountain Climbers Jumping Jacks Lunges Squat Jumps Squats Side Jumps Triceps Dips

16 Strength Training to improve muscular strength & muscular endurance
Upper Body Lower Body Bicep Curls Triceps Extension Lat Pull-down Military Press (standing / sitting) Dumbbell Press (standing / sitting) Shoulder Shrugs Power Cleans Bench Press Incline Press Decline Press Dumbbell Flys Pull-overs Lat Rows Leg Extension Leg Curls Back Squat Front Squat Dead Lifts Leg Press Calf Raises Hack Squat Lunges with Weights

17 Wellness Assessment Height Weight Body Fat Body Mass Index

18 Body Mass Index This is an indicator of weight related illness, like heart disease, diabetes, stroke, high blood pressure, obesity, etc. BMI Rating 18.5 or less Underweight Normal weight Overweight Obese 40 or Greater Extremely Obese

19 Muscle Diagram Front

20 Muscle Diagram Back

21 Cardiovascular Endurance What is your Zone?
Maximum heart rate (MHR) = Your Age example: yrs old = 205 BPM Target Heart Rate (THR) = MHR x EX. 205 x .65=133 BPM MHR x EX. 205 x. 85= 174 BPM Target Heart Rate Range = BPM “In the ZONE” range = BPM

22 Heart Rate Monitors


24 What will we ACHIEVE? Accountability Concrete grading Variety
Individual planning And most of all……………..


26 Maine Learning results
A2:Participate in a variety of health-enhancing physical activities. A4: Demonstrate the knowledge, skills, and behaviors needed to maintain or modify levels of fitness. A5: Analyze and compare physical fitness activities. C3: Initiate independent and responsible personal behavior in physical activity.

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