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Expository Writing Prewriting and Introduction Practice

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1 Expository Writing Prewriting and Introduction Practice
Needed: Paper, writing utensil and expository notes

2 Prewriting Once you are given a topic, many writers need to perform some sort of prewriting task to help generate ideas for a written response. Writers can organize their ideas in many ways: Brainstorming or web Narrow topic to details Outline

3 Writing an Expository Intro.
Begin with a grabber (hook) – tips provided Restate the topic / define it State three explanations or examples (that you will use in the body) – This serves as your thesis statement. Finish with a transition sentence that takes you smoothly into the body. Write an introduction paragraph for the following prompts. Make sure all parts of the introduction have been included and are effective. You will have a total of three prompts – you must write a full introduction paragraph for each one.

4 Prompts for Expository Writing
1.) What is something that you have learned that is important to you? This knowledge could be something you learned in school or in your everyday life. Explain why learning this was important to you. Use specific details to explain and support your reasons. 2.) In his famous “I Have a Dream” speech, Martin Luther King, Jr. described his vision of equality in America, that his four children “will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.” Suppose you were asked to share with a group of students your vision for a better society. Explain to these students what vision for society that you would like to see occur. Be specific and support your explanation with details and examples. 3.) Think about a moment when you felt proud about yourself. Maybe you led your football team to victory or made the honor roll at your school. Explain why this moment made you feel so proud. Be specific and support your explanation with details and examples.

5 With a partner, rank the introductions.
Introductions should include: Hook (attention grabber) Elaboration (not required, but may be needed to fully support the hook) Thesis Statement (states the author’s opinion, overall perspective and organization of the essay) Underline the hook Box in the thesis statement Rate their intro’s: (1= best / 2 = middle / 3 = least successful) Agree or disagree with their rating???

6 In class today… Pick your best introduction (consider the feed back from your partner). Develop a full, five-paragraph rough draft. Be sure that you address your thesis statement in order. Tomorrow – you will be peer-editing. It is imperative that you have your rough draft completed! 1.) Choose a book or TV show that that has impacted many people for a significant reason. Write an essay explaining why so many people have been affected by this book or TV show. 2.) If you had your choice of the most interesting person with whom you could share the day, who would it be? This person could be someone from any part of life, past or present: politics, military, media, the arts, sports etc. Write an essay describing this person, and who they are. Why is this person such a significant figure to fill this spot? 3.) Think of an invention that has changed people’s lives dramatically. Write an essay on how that invention changed the lives of the people. Explain how life was then, how it is different today, and whether the result is positive or negative.

7 Peer Edit Get a red, blue, green, orange and yellow colored pencil, crayon or marker. Underline the following in the paper you are editing: Hook (red) Thesis Statement (red) Topic Sentence #1 (Main Idea #1 to back up your thesis) Topic Sentence #2 (Main Idea #2 to back up your thesis) Topic Sentence #3 (Main Idea #3 to back up your thesis) (orange) Restatement of Thesis Statement (yellow) Lasting impression (yellow)

8 In class today …. When you get your essay back, make any changes that you feel are necessary to make it more successful based on the feedback you just received. Write a “clean” final copy that you are comfortable turning in. This final copy is due by the end of class today! Staple your final draft to your rubric.

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