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How the Federal Government Works

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1 How the Federal Government Works
Chapter 8-2

2 Engage

3 Overview Identify the roles the President fills as head of Executive Branch.’ Discuss the Legislative role in government Describe how the Judicial Branch is organized. Explain how each branch of government can check the other branches.

4 Current Government Leaders
Discuss the power of the Presidency Discuss the following people and what position they fill (Executive, Legislature, Judicial)


6 Legislature House of Representative Senate Write a bill; pass as law
Elastic Clause Committees deals with specific topics, education, defense, science, banking, etc. Congress declares war

7 President President/Vice President Highest elected officials
Directs foreign policy Makes treaties Appoint ambassadors Commander in Chief of Armed Forces Issues special pardon Calls for special session of Congress Suggests new laws and works with Congress to get them passed

8 Electing President Electoral College
Popular vote vs. Electoral College We vote for a group of electors who are pledged to the candidate Number of electors on the number of House of Representatives/Senators A minimum of 3 each per state

9 Judicial Pyramid

10 Judicial Judiciary Act of 1789 created court system
Appeal means to disagree Lower courts find a decision, District Court Forwarded to Appellate Court Supreme Court, Chief Justice and 8 Associate Judges

11 Supreme Court Serves as nation’s final court of appeals
“The Court of last resort”, last to review Only 100 per year Majority of five judges necessary What does the Constitution “Mean” Verifies if Congress passed law is constitutional

12 How Congress Works

13 Questions Who leads the Legislative Branch?
House of Representatives and Senate Who leads the Executive Branch? Offices of the President Who controls the Judicial Branch? Supreme Court

14 Round 2 Who are the only elected officials chosen by all American voters? President and Vice President What is the most important power of Congress Make the nations law How is the Federal Court organized from top to bottom? Supreme Court, Court of Appeals, District Court

15 Round 3 What is the main role of the President.
Carry out the nations laws What court is considered the “court of last resort”? Supreme Court What are some examples of Presidental checks? Veto, call special session of Congress, Make Appointments

16 Review Today we have discussed: The role of each branch Legislature
Executive Branch Judicial Branch


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