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How to “Work” a Job Fair Mr. Endicott Personal Career Planning Class.

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1 How to “Work” a Job Fair Mr. Endicott Personal Career Planning Class

2 Job Fairs are …. A golden opportunity to expand your network and set up interviews. An opportunity to develop valuable new contacts Good source of job leads Great way to meet many employers on one day Held both on and off-campus as well as electronically Excellent opportunity to test-drive your resume Created for you – take of advantage of them

3 Get Ready… Obtain a list from the Career Services website of the organizations attending the Fair. Plan exactly what professional attire you will wear. Gather essential items to take to the fair: portfolio with notepad and pen, and more than enough copies of your resume and a list of references Leave coats in Career Center-not too many freebies! Develop your 30-60 second infomercial “Hi my name is--- and I am majoring in Psychology. I have done quite a lot of research about your company on the website and would like to know more about the training program. Also I would like to know what you think are the positive attributes about working for XXX and why you chose to work for them.”

4 Set… Arrive early at the fair and stay as late as possible. Check in Orient yourself Review the information including the job fair book Organize and prioritize a list of organizations Check your appearance Turn off your cell phone before going into the fair Visit some of lesser interest to practice

5 Go!! Try not to travel in groups. Respect other people ’ s privacy. Read brochures while waiting. Eye contact > firm handshake > introduce yourself Practice active listening. Give them a resume. Be interested and interesting. Ask for a business card-give them a business card. Make any notes of things you want to remember.

6 You are being assessed-Employers DO observe your behavior Body Language –Do not fidget, play with your hair. –Do not rock from side to side. –Do not look around when talking or being spoken to. –Do not chew gum. Communication –Listen carefully –Avoid "um", "like", "you know”, “sweet” –Show confidence in your voice

7 Job Fair Guidelines Take copies of resume, business cards, portfolio Set a goal to meet at least 10 people Plan your remarks-be professional-ALWAYS dress business professiona l-ask relevant questions Visit less attractive firms prior to your “main” employers Add the names of the contacts to your Network List

8 Questions to ask recruiters What full-time career opportunities are available in your organization? What is the employment outlook in the field right now? What opportunities do you have for ___ majors? What type of training is available? What types of assignments are given to new graduates? What do you look for in candidates?

9 Wrap it up Leave a lasting Impression Return to the booths of the companies you liked most. Thank them one last time for giving you their time. Express that you are looking forward to speaking with them again, soon. Don't overdo it, but be polite and assertive.

10 Follow up Write thank you letters or email 24-48 hrs. after fair Check with Career Services to see what employers are recruiting on campus and sign-up. Make telephone calls/email 10 days to two weeks if you have not heard from them Express your continued interest until you have an answer Practice your interviewing skills while waiting to hear

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