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Transport Expert Panel Summary Report Bern, 2012-05-15.

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1 Transport Expert Panel Summary Report Bern, 2012-05-15

2 Agenda 13:15-13:20Welcome to the Transport Expert Panel meetingChairs 13:20-13:50 Emission Inventories Guidebook update. Black carbon data M. Winther (DCE Aarhus) 13:50-14:00 Emission Factors for Heavy Metals from Diesel and Petrol used in European vehicles T. Pulles (TNO Netherlands) 14:00-14:20The effect of air-conditioning on CO 2 emissions L. Ntziachristos (LAT Thessaloniki) 15:20-14:40TRACCS project / Data collection L. Ntziachristos (LAT Thessaloniki) 14:40-15:00 Uncertainties of mobile sources emission estimates for Belarus S. Kakareka(Belarus) 15:00-15:30EUROCONTROL project EUROCONTROL, J. van Aardenne (EEA) 15:30-15:50COPERT 5: needs and requests L. Ntziachristos (LAT Thessaloniki) 15:50-16:10 Open discussion: improvement of the estimation of POPs Chairs 16:10-16:30Plans for next year and closure of meetingChairs

3 Work-programme of 2011-2012 ItemKey PartiesStatus Euro 5/6 diesel EFs JRC, ERMESSummer 2012 HM emissions ETC, NERI, TNOCompleted Update of the aviation chapter (GHGs, APs) JRC, EEA, EurocontrolWinter 2012/13 Interfacing with Eurostat activities Panel, EurostatOn-going Alternative fuels guidance/EFs ETC, ERMESAutumn 2012 Cross-check/update HCB EFs Parties, ETCAutumn 2012 Air-conditioning effect on CO2 ETC, ERMESCompleted

4 BC/PM on Transport BC Update of Transport chapters –Road transport: Ok! –Aviation: Literature data –Maritime: Literature data –Railways/off-road: Road transport proxies Consistency of PM/BC in transport chapters –Particulate size: TSP>=PM 10 >=PM 2.5 (all is fine!) –ΣHM well below PM emission factors (all is fine!) –ΣPOP’s well below VOC (all is fine!)

5 Heavy Metals Large differences (several orders of magnitude) in HM IEFs between countries TNO work on fuel analysis around Europe (175 samples, 9 countries!) showed only trace levels of HMs on market fuels –No correlation between species –No differences (stat. sig.) between countries Lube-oil key source of exhaust HM Danish data on heavy metal emissions generally agreed, already included in COPERT 4 v9.0 (Oct 2011). –Cross-checked against exhaust concentrations, seem rational

6 Aviation Chapter Extensive study currently under way by EUROCONTROL / EEA New methodology between Tier 3A and Tier 3B possibly including: –New LTO values based on ICAO Taxi Times for a large number of aircrafts –New Taxi Times for world airports –New Cruise fuel burn and emission data New Chapter hopefully ready for review in Winter 2012

7 CO2 Related Issues A/C Use, Lube Oil and Urea CO2 introduced in COPERT Including A/C use should not affect total CO2 reported –To be used for balancing calc and stat FC Lube-Oil and Urea CO2 on top of FC derived one

8 TRACCS – Data Collection DG Clima Project to update databases of stocks, activity and cost items of all transport modes National experts will be approached to submit national data –Data will be then used for modelling (GAINS, TREMOVE, COPERT, …), policy purposes (emission limits, incentives, …)

9 COPERT 5: Is it time? Scoping document is being prepared and will be circulated for comments/ideas Methodology: Tier 2, Tier 3+, Modes, Temporal/Spatial Resolution, Fuel balancing Software: Flexibility, transparency, user guidance, QA/QC Period: Winter 2013 (?)

10 Uncertainties of mobile sources emission estimates for Belarus Different Tier methods result to large differences Technology classification appears as one of the largest sources of uncertainty (in countries not following Euro steps) - CO and NMVOC estimates are overall of greatest uncertainty; NOx estimates ore of lowest uncertainty;

11 Work-programme for the coming year (2012-2013) ItemKey Parties COPERT 5 Specifications ETC, JRC, ERMES, Users Check sensitivity of average speed vs peak/off-peak approach ETC, Italy, Denmark Check or revise dioxin/furan/PAH emission factors ETC, JRC Check consistency of activity data and assumptions between countries Panel, Eurostat Aviation Chapter finalisation EEA, EUROCONTROL, JRC Include future Euro steps (guidance/emission factors) ETC, JRC Light Commercial Vehicle emission factors JRC, ERMES

12 Announcements ERMES Meeting: Late September 2012, stay tuned on Expert Panel’s web-page for date, registration, or sign-up to the ERMES mailing-list by sending an email to Advanced users COPERT workshop: Oct/Nov 2012 @ EEA, official announcement to follow Transport & Air Pollution conference: 26-27 November, Thessaloniki, http://TAPconference.org

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