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Dearness Conservation Conservation in the School.

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1 Dearness Conservation Conservation in the School

2 Conservation Energy Conservation Water Use Reduction Waste Reduction Conservation of the Environment

3 Where does the money go? Next to salaries, utility costs are the largest expense a school board has. More is spent on energy than on computers and books.

4 Energy Conservation By buying only ENERGY STAR qualified products over the next 15 years, energy bills would shrink by more than $100 billion.

5 Energy Conservation More energy is required to power home electronics in the “off” mode than when in use. Every kWh of electricity you avoid using saves about 1 1/2 pounds of CO 2 from being pumped into the atmosphere.

6 Energy Conservation 60% of a school’s electricity consumption comes from lighting. Lighting expenses can be reduced 30-40% by turning off lights in unoccupied rooms.

7 Energy Conservation On a sunny day, open the drapes or blinds and use natural light where possible in the classroom.

8 Energy Conservation Good Idea – turn off lights when you leave the room. Better Idea – replace light bulbs with higher efficiency ones. Incandescent with fluorescent, T12s with T8s.

9 Energy Conservation Best Idea – Replace the light bulbs and turn off lights when you leave the room.

10 Energy Conservation Consider using motion sensors in the classroom.

11 Who turned out the lights?

12 Energy Conservation Make sure that lights are clean. 50% of the light can be blocked by a heavy layer of dust.

13 Energy Conservation Set up one area for coffee maker and microwave for staff. Only run the dishwasher when it is full.

14 Energy Conservation Turn off computer screens and printers when you are not using them. Turn off the computer at night and on weekends.

15 Energy Conservation Unplug any electrical equipment that is not in use such as televisions, VCRs, tape players.

16 Energy Conservation Lower the temperature in the winter. Raise the temperature in summer if you have air conditioning.

17 Energy Conservation Close your classroom doors. Keep windows closed when the heat is on.

18 Energy Conservation Be aware of new technology and take advantage of the savings that can be had from using energy efficient products.

19 Take charge Controlling energy use is key.

20 Water Conservation Turn off taps tightly, make sure they are not dripping.

21 Water Conservation Be aware of leaking fixtures and drips, don’t run water unnecessarily.

22 Water Conservation Report any leaks or drips to facility services promptly so they can fix the problem.

23 Waste Reduction Reduce Reuse Recycle

24 Reduce Cut down on the amount on supplies ordered by creating a central area for teachers to exchange what they don’t need for what they do.

25 Reduce Use email, instead of paper messages. Save your emails electronically. Circulate one copy of a magazine, instead of buying multiple copies.

26 Reduce Avoid sending duplicate paperwork home. Set up and oldest(youngest) and only distribution system.

27 Reuse Copy on both sides of the paper. Keep your originals electronically. Use the reverse sides of paper for quizzes and tests.

28 Recycle Promote recycling programs in the classroom. Investigate the proper recycling of electronic goods (cell phones, printers, computers).

29 Cost Reductions Are your recycling containers and dumpsters being picked up on holidays? Can you reduce the number of containers and/or pick- ups?

30 Environmental Conservation Develop a natural garden for the students. Go on nature walks and make observations with the students. Visit a local conservation area.

31 Environmental Conservation Promote litter-less lunches. Start a composting program.

32 Environmental Conservation Talk about the harmful effects of litter. Have a school clean- up day.

33 Student Involvement

34 Excite students and they will take the knowledge elsewhere.

35 Opinion Poll

36 Fun sites Watts New

37 Fun Sites Energy Hogs

38 The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

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