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Sustainable Home and Lifestyle

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1 Sustainable Home and Lifestyle
By Prerika Jain Year 7A, ISH

2 Contents Introduction Sustainable House Lifestyle Summary

3 Why do we need a Sustainable House?
We need Sustainable houses (Green houses) for an healthy environment To save water and electricity To reduce living expenses We can use more renewable energy sources and save our natural sources To set up an example for others

4 What is a Sustainable House?
A Sustainable House is made from natural resources [stone, straw, wood etc] A Sustainable House plays good role in reducing pollution but that’s just a part of this We need to also contribute to save our world

5 Features of Sustainable House
Building Shape Home Direction Use of Space Good Insulation Proper Ventilation Windows and Covering Active Solar heating Lights and Appliances

6 Building Shape While building a sustainable house:
Filling up your space in a smart way Having less outer surface to avoid wasting money

7 Home Direction Houses that have south walls will have more sun in their house which means they don’t have to get radiators Outer walls material should be able to bear the heat It saves electricity Ennvironmentally friendly

8 Use of space Smart furniture to use the space effectively
Avoid conjustion in the house Inside walls of short height to have more light Build smaller house, spend less money to build

9 Good Insulation Have a good insulation system to save power
Places that are hotter can have glasses that let the heat in Places that are cooler can have glasses that have a natural heat gain

10 Proper Ventilation Proper air circulation is one of the important features of sustainable house It gives fresh air and less suffocation Proper ventilation helps in keeping your house clean from germs and bacteria Which creates a healthy environment in the house

11 Windows and Coverings The windows and doors must be of good quality
Different window glasses should be used in different direction for eg South side wall glass – high solar heat gain West, east and North wall glass – natural solar heat gain

12 Active Solar Heating Include solar heating for water on the roof
Solar heating should also generate electricity which will save power Reduces monthly expenses for electricity

13 Lights and Appliances Energy saving lights to be used
Keep repairing your lights

14 Lifestyle Hi, I am Globe , think about Sustainable house and your Lifestyle. It will save me

15 Save water Do not waste water, keep repairing pipes, taps etc
While washing clothes or brushing teeth don’t leave water tap running Don’t take a bath but shower to save water Do not water your garden too much Do not use a pipe for car washing instead use a bucket The water that is left after rinsing clothes, use it for mopping up your house Do not use the washing machine for the less clothes instead wash them with your hand

16 Save electricity Contd.
Remember to turn off any electronics when you leave a room [TVs, computers, radios, Video games, DVD players etc] Unplug machines when you are going on a holiday because some of them still take in electricity even when they are turned off When the air conditioning is on, don’t keep doors and windows open Turn off your water heater if you’re going out of town When you leave a room, remember to turn off the light Try to have less electronics in your house [TVs, DVD players, computers etc Food that is taken out from the fridge. Don’t put it immediately in the microwave Leave it until it’s back to room temprature then put it in the microwave

17 Save electricity Once a year, change your filter because they get stuck with lots of dirt. This means that it has really difficult time passing through that wastes a lot of electricity At daytime, don’t turn on the lamps or any type of lights You should use the bulbs that have 100watt light because they use less energy but they give more light bulbs that have low wattage, use them in small areas Before opening the refridgerator, think what you need to take out so it doesn’t waste electricity Dry a lot of clothing one after the other this way it wastes less energy because the dryer is still hot When sunny, don’t dry your clothes in dryer instead hang them outside

18 Saving in Summer Use more ceiling or windows fans to reduce electricity expenses If your have a garden, start planting trees to have fresh air and shade to make your house cooler

19 Saving in winter In winter time, keep your your house little warm and put on a sweater if required to save an extra bit of electricity Open all your curtains, blinds on a sunny winter day to warm up your house Put clear plastic over your windows to keep away the cold air outside You can also have double glazed windows Do maintenance of your house (windows or doors) to save power

20 Summary Have a solar panels on the roof so you can generate electricity and heat water. Put some natural resources in your Sustainable House so it won’t harm our environment. There should be a green area in your house so there is more oxygen and less carbon dioxide.

21 The main idea of this plan is :
small area but specious less appliances Windows for proper ventilation Single bathroom with shower not bath small green area for oxygen and less Carbon Dioxide

22 Conclusion Trust you might have learned something from our presentation and you will take some learning from this presentation to use in your lifestyle Let us do take this knowledge and change our lifestyle to save environment

23 Thank You! Presentated by the team U.R.E

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