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Jane Doe PowerPoint assignment for FAM 332 April 27, 2015.

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1 Jane Doe PowerPoint assignment for FAM 332 April 27, 2015

2 ◦ Title Page – name, date, and class ◦ List the 3 countries you will present ◦ Content – 18 slides about 3 countries ◦ Cover 6 topics for each country ◦ Don’t forget about images, the amount of words for bullets, the grammar used, and illustrations and graphics ◦ References used on the last slide(s)

3 The Title Page should include: Your Name Course Date

4 List the three countries that will be covered in the PowerPoint project.

5 Choose a design and colors that: Enhance your presentation Compliment your graphics Allow text to be easily read Add interest, but not too busy with colors Use “easy-to-read” color combinations Avoid dark backgrounds with light-colored text

6 Add color for a border or background Keep background or border color simple If professional presentation, nothing fancy Careful, not too busy, can’t read text Try to keep background away from text Audience needs to read from a distance Professional presentation means simple

7 Font size should be easy to read: 32 or more for the title text 28 or more for the content text Exception to font size – in the references Remember, can audience read from a distance?

8 Use of fonts per slide Size of font:  One or two different size fonts  May use smaller font size in references Type or style of font:  Use a common font in all slides  Arial is best, easy to read  Careful not to have busy background

9 Your PowerPoint content should: Be organized Provide information on 3 countries Add main content Cover a variety of major topics Add links or YouTube for interest Provide a reference slide(s)

10 Content should be: Flow in a logical order Contain a header Have key points Display graphics Provide illustrations and pictures Provide websites or YouTube for interest Well-research material and information

11 Each slide should: Include a title Have simple information Be easy to read text, if on top of colors Have little color to hide text Be simple, but easy understood

12 Display key points: One idea per slide Keep the text simple, but with some details Use bulleted list for the information Not too many words in each bullet Use phrases, not complete sentences Provide a logical order of the topics covered

13 No more than seven bullets (lines) per slide Should be more than two words per bullet Should not be more than seven words in bullet Use sentences only for a quote Best not to use long sentences Slides should be informative with interest

14 Coordinate colors to the background color Enhance the topics with pictures and illustrations Keep images simple not interfering with background Add YouTube videos and/or web links for interest

15 When writing references for the project: Include the references used in the project Use a formal writing style

16 Remember to review the evaluation sheet for the project. Did you include a minimum of 21 slides? Did you cover at least 6 topics for each country? Did you use appropriate numbers of wording? Check for grammar, font sizes, and font style. Check that you added a reference slide using at least 8 sources. The presentation was in a logical order.

17 Font is simple easy to read Background not busy, colors compliment Add pictures and illustrations throughout Add YouTube or links for interest No more 7 bullets and 7 words Include all components of a presentation Read the project instructions for details

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