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Welcome to My Presentation Olivia. My School Timeline.

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1 Welcome to My Presentation Olivia

2 My School Timeline

3 My Acrostic Picture

4 My Kid Pix Quilt

5 My kid pix quilt represents many things I enjoy. To make this quilt I used several different drawing tools from the presentation program, Kid pix Deluxe Studio. First I clicked on tool called an eggbeater. When I selected this tool and clicked in the center of the screen, it created twenty five boxes. I then took the paint can and created a pattern with two colors. I then selected stamps of some of my favorite things. These stamps were edited by me and added to the quilt. By using the “Control” and “Shift” keys I changed the sizes of the stamps before adding to my pattern. One thing I really enjoy is decorating my quilt with stickers. My favorite colors I put on my quilt are light green and blue. The center sticker for light blue is a gray bunny. I put the gray bunny because they’re cute and cuddly. The green box has a black horse with yellow eyes. I put the black horse because I like horses that are black with yellow eyes. In the light green box there is a duck, a rhino, a sand castle, and a piece of pie. Also in the light blue box I put an elephant, they are animals I really enjoy. I chose the ice skate because I used to take lessons and I love to skate. The ice cream I selected because I like it so much and my favorite is cookie dough. The last thing I put in the light blue box is some books because I extremely love them. I hope you liked my quilt! I’m so excited to hear about yours someday. How I Created My Kid Pix Quilt

6 It’s Fall!

7 Winter is Here!

8 My Favorite Season My favorite season is summer. It’s my favorite season because you don’t have to bundle up, you can just play. I love Summer! Also, summer is so fun because you can go to the beach and make sand castles. Next is, you can have lemonade! You can also swim.

9 My favorite sports are basketball, and soccer. They’re my favorite sports because I play them. Also, because they’re just awesome! Last, is they’re fun to play. I like to play soccer because you exercise and I love to exercise! I love basketball because my brother plays and you get stronger. My Favorite Sports

10 My Favorite Subject in School My favorite subject in school is Math. I like math because you can learn a lot in math. Also, it’s really FUN!! Last is I just love to learn. I really love doing problem solving. Also, I love Reflex Math. I just love math you know.

11 My Favorite Animal My favorite animal is a gorilla. I like gorillas because they’re so cute! Also, is they’re so big!!!! Last, is they sound funny. I do not have one in my backyard. It’s really sad because my Mom wouldn’t let me. I like making gorilla faces.

12 My Favorite Holiday My favorite holiday is Easter. I like Easter because you can find eggs. Also, The Easter Bunny comes. Next, it’s fun to eat the candy. Also, we visit my Dad’s family and we have a party. Its really fun!

13 My Spring Picture

14 My Classmates Illustrated with word art

15 I hope you enjoyed my show.

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