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1 Welcome to My Presentation

2 My School Timeline


4 Fall


6 How I Created my Kid pix Quilt:
My kid pix quilt represents many things I enjoy. To make a quilt I used several different drawing tools from the presentation program, Kid Pix Deluxe Studio. First I clicked on a tool called egg beater. When I selected this tool and clicked in the center of the screen, it created twenty five boxes. Then I took the paint and created a pattern with two colors. Then I selected stamps of my favorite things. These things were edited by me and added to the quilt. By using the control key and shift key I changed the sizes of the stamps before adding to my pattern. One thing I really enjoy is soccer. I love soccer because I love to do a move like a step over and drive to the net, and I also love to be aggressive with other players. I do not like being the goalie. Another thing I love is basketball, and since I am a little tall when I grow up I will be really tall, then it will be easy to shoot. Did you know I have a teddy bear? Well I love her so much. I sleep with her every night, and her name is Kristen. I named her after my mom. I just love music so much, and I also take piano lessons. I love piano because once I learn all the notes I can play any instrument I want. My favorite animal is a dog. Dogs are cute and love to cuddle. And I really want one. Oh My Gosh! Did I tell you how much I love math and writing? I adore it because I love to learn about new things and people and write about it. I hope you enjoyed learning about the one and only Claire.

7 Winter

8 Seasons My favorite season is late spring because its warm and we have school. At recess the weather is beautiful. In spring we can play lacrosse. It’s special because in computer class ( my favorite special) we get to make a picture of us in spring. Also, in spring when we play soccer it’s warm, and my mom doesn’t make me wear Under Armor!

9 My Favorite Show Do you want to hear about my favorite show? Well it sure is a great one! The show is called Veronica Mars. It is about a girl named Veronica Mars. Her dad is a detective and last year her best friend (Lily Kane) was murdered. While her and her father try to find out who murdered Lily, they bump into some other mysteries.

10 My Family There are five people in my family, Mom, Dad, Courtney, Catie, and me. My mom is pretty young and she bakes so well. She also plays basketball with me and helps me get better at things. My dad is amazing at technology and makes delicious steak. Courtney is 11 years old and the best player on her basketball team and great at doing hair. Catie is 4 years old and is friendly, collects dolls and always hungry! I am 8 years old, adore soccer, love math and irresponsible .

11 My Favorite Books I absolutely love to read . My favorite books are The Land Of Stories and Harry Potter. They both are awesomebooks. My favorite part in The Land Of Stories is when Alex and Conner find out their grandmother is the fairy grandmother. My favorite book in the series is the Wishing Spell. I also love Harry Potter. It’s a great series for people who love fantasy and magic. I recommend these books to anyone who loves to read, like me!

12 My Favorite Animals Do you have favorite animals? Well I do. My first favorite animal is a skunk. I like skunks because they are so cute. I also think it's cool how they defend themselves. I also like monkeys because they can hang upside down and climb trees all day long, I wish I could do that. I think all of my favorite animals are so awesome.

13 My Best Friends I have many best friends. My friends are all over Massachusetts. No matter what, they all are special to me. One of my best friends is Bridgett. One reason she is special to me is because we have been friends since we were one and a half years old. She is so nice to me. I I care for her no matter what happens. All I know is that when we grow up we will work together and be best friends.

14 Mrs. Hanewich Ilah Noelle Claire Alex Averie Jordan Nate Sally Ellie Thomas Braden Conner Sami Nick Alysse Ella Olivia Jack

15 Welcome Spring

16 Thank you for watching my presentation. I hope you enjoyed it
Thank you for watching my presentation. I hope you enjoyed it! I had so much fun making it.

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