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CIS111 Basic PC Literacy Creating A Presentation in PowerPoint 2007.

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1 CIS111 Basic PC Literacy Creating A Presentation in PowerPoint 2007

2 Open A File for Demonstration Purposes 1. 1.Go to the Blackboard web site. 2. 2.Go to the Assignments Folder. 3. 3.Go to the PowerPoint Folder. 4. 4.Locate the file BUS151 CH1 PPT 5. 5.Save the file to your disk. 6. 6.Open the file.

3 Office Button Quick Access Toolbar Ribbon Group on a Ribbon Tabs Common Microsoft Office 2007 Items

4 Slides Tab Slides Tab Selected Slide Pane

5 Outline Tab Outline Tab Selected Slide Pane Notes Pane

6 VIEW Tab > Normal View

7 VIEW Tab > Slide Sorter View

8 VIEW Tab > Notes Page This allows the speaker to add notes to their printed copy as a reminder of items they want to remember to mention. This doesn’t show during the actual slide show.

9 VIEW Tab > Slide Show To STOP the slide show: Press ESC ‘or’ Right-click and select END SHOW

10 Changing Slide Pane Size Fit slide to current window button Zoom slider Click and slide marker or click on “-” or “+”. View Buttons Displays percentage size; double-click here to view this dialog box. You can also change the view on the VIEW tab.

11 Open a NEW File Click the Microsoft Office button. Click NEW > BLANK Presentation > CREATE. Save the file to your disk as European Tour. A new presentation starts with one blank title slide which has two text placeholders. Title text placeholder Subtitle text placeholder

12 Entering Slide Text When you click inside a placeholder, the insertion point appears. 1. 1.Go to page PowerPoint Page 9 in your textbook. 2. 2.Click in the title text placeholder; then, key the text as shown in the title placeholder. 3. 3.Click in the subtitle text placeholder; then, key the text as shown in the subtitle placeholder. Insertion point Selection box Indicates that text placeholder is selected and can accept text.

13 Adding a New Slide To add a new slide, click the NEW SLIDE button ( HOME tab > Slides group. ) If you click the button itself, the default slide layout “Title and Content” will appear. If you click the down-pointing arrow, a dialog box will appear displaying the nine slide layout styles. Add a new slide with the “Two Content” layout. Go to Page 11 and add the text as shown on the slide. ( Go to next slide )

14 Using the Increase and Decrease List Level Button Use the INCREASE List Level button to indent to the right. Use the DECREASE List Level button to go back to the left. The bullet shape changes as you continue indenting text. The text size will also decrease in size. First-level bullet Second-level bullet

15 Content Placeholder A content placeholder can be used to insert text or objects such as clip art, tables, charts, etc. Simply click one of the six objects to get a dialog box object. The next few slides show what clicking each of these will display. PictureClip art Table Graph chart SmartArt graphic Media clip

16 Adding a Table CityJanuaryFebruaryMarchApril Chicago459,000567,456392,444198,000 Detroit679,000234,452499,687200,555 Example of an inserted table:

17 Adding a Chart Example of an inserted chart:

18 Adding SmartArt Example of a SmartArt object:

19 Adding Picture or Clipart Example of a picture or clipart:

20 Changing Slide Layout To change a slide layout, click the Layout button in the Slides group The list of layouts will appear. Simply click the layout you desire for the slide.

21 Apply a Design Theme A design theme incorporates sets of colors for fill, line, and shadow, called theme colors; fonts for titles and other text, called theme fonts; and effects for lines and fills, called theme effects. Design themes give your presentation a cohesive look. Design themes are found on the Design tab on the Ribbon. Point to a design theme on the Ribbon and you will see a live preview, which allows you to see how your changes affect the slides before actually making the change. Design themes More buttons

22 Print Preview Before you print your presentation, you should review it and preview it To preview your presentation, click the Office Button > point to Print > click Print Preview.

23 Printing a PowerPoint Presentation Using the Print dialog box, you can choose to print slides, handouts, notes or the Outline view. Handouts can be printed as 1,2, 3, 4, 6, or 9 per page. You can print in Color, Grayscale or Pure Black and White, depending on your printer.

24 Different “Print What” Options 3 slides per page 6 slides per page Outline view

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