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PowerPoint Chapter 2 Review

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1 PowerPoint Chapter 2 Review

2 Placeholders Slide layouts have ___ arranged in various configurations for containing text or visual content.

3 In the Print What List Where can handouts be selected to print in the Print dialog box?

4 Format Painter ___ allows you to copy all formatting changes from one object to another.

5 Transition A special animation effect used to progress from one slide to the next is a(n) ___.

6 Home Tab Where is the Shapes button located?

7 False True or False? Copyright laws apply to only printed artwork, not artwork posted online.

8 Clip Art Task Pane Where can you search for clip art using a keyword?

9 Press the Delete Key After a placeholder is selected, how do you delete it?

10 Yes Do Background styles have names?

11 Click the Shadow button again
How do you remove a Shadow applied to text?

12 Custom If none of the standard layouts meet your needs, you can create a ___ layout.

13 Random The ___ slide transition uses a pattern that changes each time you run the presentation.

14 Yes After a theme has been applied, can colors and fonts be changed?

15 Style A Quick ___ may be set on pictures as well as text.

16 Home Tab Where is the layout gallery?

17 True True or False? Background effects may include more than color and shading.

18 Slide Layout “Title Only” is a type of ___.

19 Clip Microsoft uses the term ___ to define a single media file that may include art, sound, animation, and movies.

20 Paint brush When using the Format Painter button, the mouse pointer appears as a ___.

21 Yes Can an outline be viewed as well as printed?

22 Corner Dragging a ___ sizing handle maintains the graphic’s original proportion.

23 Right The Clip Art task pane opens on the ___ side of the window.

24 Yes Can text be added inside a shape?

25 Shapes Elements such as lines, arrows, callouts, and banners that can be added to a slide are known as ___.

26 4-Headed Arrow After placing clip art, to move it to a new location on the slide, drag it while the mouse pointer shows a ___.

27 Animation A(n) ___ is a special visual and audio effect applied to text or content.

28 True True or False? Using slide layouts eliminates the need to resize objects and adjust the font size, because PowerPoint automatically sizes the objects/text to fit the placeholders.

29 Layout A ___ specifies the arrangement of placeholders.

30 False Should motivate audience
True or False? Researchers have known for decades that illustrations distract audiences from the message.

31 Serif A guideline in the chapter suggested using ___ fonts for titles to slow the reader down to focus.

32 Purpose The chapter suggested that you choose graphics that serve a ___.

33 Slide Sorter ___ view allows you to look at several slides at one time.

34 Globe A small ___ in the corner of a clip art image in the Clip Art task pane indicates the image was obtained from the Microsoft Office Online Web site.

35 Yes Do themes have names?

36 Home Tab The Format Painter button is located on the ___.

37 Into a Content Placeholder
Where is a clip or photograph inserted on to a slide when using placeholders?

38 Presentation Skills While the appearance and message of the slides is important, the speaker’s ___ is the most effective part of a presentation.

39 No Must clip art be inserted into a content placeholder?

40 Home The Shadow button is included on the ___ Tab.

41 Legal Before copying clip art from a Web site, be certain you have the ___ right to use it in your presentation.

42 True True or False? When a background is selected, by default it is set for all of the slides.

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