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Using Google Drive –Ideas for the Classroom Stephanie Bernier Head of ICT Victoria International School of Sharjah.

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1 Using Google Drive –Ideas for the Classroom Stephanie Bernier Head of ICT Victoria International School of Sharjah

2 Outline Why consider using Google Drive Apps How does it work? What does it look like when students use it? Getting started – Signing up logistics Examples of how I use it Google Apps with my students and ideas

3 Why consider using Google Apps in Education? It’s totally free! When you sign up for Google Drive, you can use your current email address 15 GB of FREE storage No need for USBs Anytime, anywhere, any device access - as long as you have an internet connection Software is “in the cloud”, there is no need to download anything to be able to use it The ability to share and collaborate on project work with other students in real time. The revision history allows enables one to choose an earlier version of their work if needed.

4 How does it actually work? Google Drive Apps in Action

5 Getting Started – with an account Step 1: Type in Google Drive in your browser

6 Step 2: Click on Google Drive

7 Step 3: Click Create Account

8 Step 4: Choose I prefer to use my current email address

9 Step 5: If your students have a school email address, make sure they enter it. Otherwise ask them to use their student number as their username in a new gmail account. Example: 112345@gmail.com112345@ This will make it easier for them to remember, and for you to identify them, rather than an address like:

10 Step 6: Fill out all details (passwords must be 8 characters) 1123345 Names as they appear in your school register

11 Step 7: Verification You will either receive an email link in your school email account or you will receive a verification code on your mobile. Type in the code when you get it or click the link that is received in the verification email.

12 Log in, choose an App

13 Look for the share icon

14 Add contributors, set sharing rights: view, comment or edit

15 Student Collaboration and Progression Group Projects

16 Link into an Edmodo Assignment Create an Assignment in Edmodo. Have students provide a shared link and comment in Edmodo as the project progresses. Students and their parents will be able to see the teacher’s feedback on the project as it progresses.

17 An example of the final folder (Project Portfolio in Google Drive, linked through Edmodo)

18 Math, Business, ICT – Creating Spreadsheets, Charts and Graphs

19 Other ideas Art/Music – Teacher creates a folder and shares images of artists’ work or music files for students to access Primary – Create folders with students names at the beginning of the year. Save photos of students throughout the year in the folder and share it with the parents so they can see what their child is doing in school.

20 The Positives All contributors have access to the latest version and can work at the same time on different devices The comment feature can be used to discuss who is doing what, what needs to be done next and opinions of group members for editing Saving in Real-time, no need to hit the save button Teachers can check progression by looking at the revision history or checking project folders Google Docs, Slides and Sheets can be downloaded as MS Word, PowerPoint and Excel files Effective use of cloud technology in Education – makes life as a teacher easier! No stacks of projects to carry home to mark.

21 Conclusion Make sure students sign up appropriately Encourage your students to use Google Drive Apps Have students share their Google Drive folder for a project with you and link through Edmodo if that works best for you. Share your ideas with other teachers.

22 Need Help? Contact Me Stephanie Bernier Head of ICT

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