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The Industrial Revolution

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1 The Industrial Revolution

2 Beginnings of the Industrial Revolution
The Industrial Revolution changed the way people worked and lived It began in Great Britain in the 1700s By the 1800s the revolution had spread to the United States

3 Industrial Revolution in New England
Took place in the early 1800s New England was a very favorable place for the Industrial Revolution for a number of reasons: 1. Poor farming meant many people were available to find work 2. Many rushing rivers and streams to provide power for the factories 3. Many ports for resources and trade

4 The American Economic System Develops
The Industrial Revolution brings about the American economy that we have today Capitalism or people putting their capital (or money) into a business to make a profit increases greatly. Free enterprise is a key component of the Industrial Revolution because people are free to buy, sell, and produce whatever they want Other major elements of our economic system that developed and increased during the industrial revolution are: competition, profit, private property, and economic freedom.

5 New Technology There were a number of scientific discoveries that simplified work In 1793, Eli Whitney invented the cotton gin Removed seeds from cotton fiber and enabled one person to do the work of 50

6 New Technologies Eli Whitney also started the use of interchangeable parts The factory system developed in the United States which put all the manufacturing steps together in one place…more efficent Patents were created to give inventors the sole legal right to their invention and its profits for a certain period of time

7 The Economy Diversifies
In the Northeast the amount of people working in factories and manufacturing increased greatly. The farms in the region were small and the focus began to shift to industry. In the South and West farms became much bigger and huge plantations began to prop up. The new technologies meant more raw materials like cotton had to be produced, so the farms production increased.

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