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Getting to Know You Let’s keep learning about pronouns.

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1 Getting to Know You Let’s keep learning about pronouns.

2 Demonstrative Pronouns  Demonstrative pronouns point out specific persons, places, or things.  There are two singular and two plural demonstrative pronouns:  Singular :  this  that  Plural :  these  those

3 Pay Attention!  “ This ” and “ these ” refer to something nearby.  Example: This is my favorite restaurant.  The restaurant is close enough to point out.  “ That ” and “ those ” refer to something farther away.  Example: I want those.  Something far enough away that you’d have to give more description to narrow it down.

4 Where are my demonstratives?  Demonstrative pronouns generally come at the beginning of the sentence with their antecedents appearing somewhere later in the same sentence.  Example: That has always been my favorite movie. You can check your antecedent by rewriting the sentence: My favorite movie has always been that one. -It makes sense to flip the noun and the pronoun, so you have the correct antecedent/pronoun relationship.

5 They get a little tricky…  Sometimes, the demonstrative pronoun will come after its antecedent.  Example: Of all her stories, those are my favorite. HINT : The comma is a big clue, you can easily re-write this sentence with the opening prepositional phrase at the end: My favorite stories are those.

6 Now you find them!  Find the demonstrative pronoun in each sentence.  1. I would like to get that.  2. This is my favorite song.  3. Those songs make me happy.  Answers  1. that  2. this  3. those

7 Interrogative Pronouns  The word “interrogative” means “to ask questions.” An interrogative pronoun is used to begin a question.  Interrogative pronouns  What  Which  Who  Whom  Whose

8 Interrogative Pronoun Examples 1. What are we having for dinner? 2. Which movie would you like to go see? 3. This book belongs to whom? 4. Who do you know at the party? 5. Whose sunglasses are those?

9 Interrogative Pronoun Practice  Pick out the interrogative pronoun in each sentence. 1. Who is the pole- vaulter with the perfect record? 2. Whom does Carrie want to see in the office? 3. Which is the shortest way to the city?  Answers 1. Who 2. Whom 3. Which

10 Now write 3 sentences of your own using one interrogative pronoun per sentence. When you are done, have a friend check your sentences.

11 Indefinite Pronouns  An indefinite pronoun is a pronoun that does not refer to a specific person, place, thing, or idea.  There are a lot of indefinite pronouns, but don’t let them intimidate you!

12 SingularPluralSingular or Plural Another Somebody Anybody Someone Anyone Something Anything Each Either Everybody Everyone Everything Little Much Neither Nobody No one Nothing One Other Both Few Many Others Several All Any More Most None

13 Indefinite Pronoun Practice  Select the Indefinite Pronoun in the following sentences. 1. I would like to take both of the puppies. 2. Is everybody going to the play? 3. I will have none of that.  Answers 1. Both 2. Everybody 3. None

14 Now write 3 sentences with one indefinite pronoun in each sentence. When you are done, have a friend check your work!

15 Assignment Go to the “Assignments” page on Mrs. McD’s website. Complete the assignment titled “Getting to Know You.” This will be turned in for a grade.

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