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Global Standards Collaboration (GSC) GSC-15

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1 Global Standards Collaboration (GSC) GSC-15
DOCUMENT #: GSC15-IPR-07 FOR: Presentation SOURCE: TTC AGENDA ITEM: 4 CONTACT(S): Yukio Hiramatsu, Chairman, IPR Committee IPR Activities of TTC Yukio Hiramatsu, TTC Global Standards Collaboration (GSC) GSC-15

2 TTC Organization Chart
General Assembly Councilor’s Meeting Board of Directors Secretariat Award Committee IPR Committee Promotion Committee Technical Assembly Strategy Committee  Management Committee Working Groups Advisory Groups Projects Technology Research NGN Architecture Signaling NNI&UNI Transmission System Promotion Project Global Collaboration DSL NW Management IPTV NGN and Syourai Network Solution Promotion Project ICT and Climate Change Media Coding Next-generation Home Network System Network Middleware Next-generation Home Network System Mobile NW Management 3GPP Smart Grid 3GPP2 Interoperability

3 TTC Document Structure
Category Document type Definition Normative Standard Stable Technical Specification Technical Specification Provisional Technical Specification Informative Technical Report Technical Information Document Survey Report Report of survey by committees

4 History of study on IPR in TTC
Year Month Event 1988 June Establishment of IPR Committee 1989 May IPR Policy specified Oct - Operation Procedures specified - DB for submitted Statements introduced 2001 Alignment with New Document Structure 2002 Major revisions to the procedures and texts Alignment with new operational structure of TTC 2003 Apr Revised definition for reciprocity 2005 Copyright Treatment specified 2006 Mar Revised IPR Policy and Operation Procedures 2007 Dec Revised Operation Procedures 2009 July Revised Provision of IPR Committee

5 External Activities of TTC on IPR since2004
November 2003 – July 2004: Considered the revisions made to the ITU-T’s Declaration Form and confirmed alignment with TTC’s Form. May 2004: Participated in GSC9 held in Seoul. August-September 2005: Participated in GSC10 held in Sophia Antipolis. May-June 2006: Participated in GSC11 held in Chicago. July 2007: Participated in GSC12 held in Kobe May 2008: Discussion with IEEE-SA July 2008: Participated in GSC13 held in Boston July 2009: Participated in GSC14 held in Geneva December 2009: Discussion with Chair of ETSI IPR

6 Current status of TTC’s IPR handling
IPR as Industrial Property Right is being handled. Trademark not handled. Only the copyright of TTC Standards and Specification considered, not other types of documents. IPR Policy specifies basic principles. (TTC Board of Directors approves and publishes IPR Policy.) Operation Procedures specify detailed procedures regarding IPR Statements and their maintenance, including IPRs owned by non-members. (IPR Committee approves and publishes Operation Procedures.)

7 Current ITU-T Rules vs New TTC Rules
Common Patent Policy The Policy for the Handling of Industrial Property Rights Patent Common Patent Guidelines Operation Procedures for the Handling of Industrial Property Rights Software Copyright Software Copyright Guidelines (FFS) Guidelines related to the inclusion of Marks in ITU-T Recommendations (FFS) Trademark Right to copy for standardization related purposes Copyright Copyright Treatment Note – TTC is a recognized SDO under Recs. A5 and A.6.

8 Submission of IPR Statements in TTC
DB for IPR Statements available at TTC Web For TTC Standards 155 (1988-July 2010) For TTC Technical Specifications 22 (2001-July 2010) (Note) Here, “IPR” stands for Industrial Property Right.

9 Outline of the revision of Provision of IPR Committee in May. 2009
Stipulated capacity and power of IPR committee Stipulated qualification of committee membership and special committee membership Stipulated eligibility, right of vote, quorum and election system

10 Alignment with ITU-T patent guidelines (1/2)
Discussions on enhancements to TTC IPR guidelines to incorporate recent enhancements made in ITU-T Patent statements could be submitted with different options per patent claim TTC has completed draft enhancements and is waiting for the formal decision in ITU-T/ITU-R/ISO/IEC 10

11 Alignment with ITU-T patent guidelines (2/2)
Different interpretations when no patent information (which is desired but not required) submitted associated with the ITU-T/ITU-R/ ISO/IEC common patent statement All essential patents owned by the patent holder for the Rec. will be negotiated based on RAND, etc. Apart from one or more essential patents to be negotiated based on RAND, etc., patent holder reserves the right to differently declare in subsequent statements regarding other patents in the future. 11

12 Further Study Items Study on possible introduction of Software Copyright Guidelines and Trademark Guidelines. Study on complex IPR cases and possible revisions to the Policy and the Operation Procedures. Contribution to the study on Standardization and IP strategy. Discuss and promote TTC members’ needs. License of Right, etc. 12

13 TTC’s IPR policy, guidelines, etc. are shown in the following website
Thank you ! Yukio Hiramatsu 13

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