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The Fab Four :) (The Beatles were also known as “The Fab Four”)

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1 The Fab Four :) (The Beatles were also known as “The Fab Four”)
Types of sentences The Fab Four :) (The Beatles were also known as “The Fab Four”)

2 They are: Simple Compound Complex Compound - Complex

3 First: Clauses Independent Dependent

4 Independent Clause Are a complete sentence
Contain a subject and a verb Express a complete thought

5 Dependent Clause Can NOT stand alone May have subject and verb
DO NOT express a complete thought

6 Simple Sentences Is one independent clause
It can NOT have another independent clause

7 Simple Sentences examples
Americans eat more bananas than any other fruit. one subject, one verb David Letterman and Jay Leno host talk shows. compound subject (there are two subjects), one verb My son toasts and butters his bagel. One subject, compound verb (there are two)

8 Compound Sentences Consist of two or more independent clauses
Independent clauses have a subject and a verb and can stand alone Combined with a conjunction FANBOYS (for, and, nor, but, or, yet, so) Semi - colon ;

9 Compound Sentences examples
Men are mammals and women are femammals. Two independent clauses; one conjunction Mushrooms grow in dark places, so they look like little umbrellas. The largest mammals are found in the sea; there’s no where else to put them. Two independent clauses; one semi-colon

10 Complex Sentences Contain at least one independent clause and one dependent clause independent clauses have one subject and one verb AND can stand alone dependent clauses may have a subject and verb but CAN NOT stand alone

11 Complex sentences examples
Parallel lines never meet until you bend one of them. conjunction; dependent clause Many dead animals of the past changed into oil while others preferred to be gas. Even though the sun is a star, it knows how to change back into the sun during the day.

12 Compound - Complex Sentences
Has at least two independent clauses And at least one dependent clause

13 Compound - Complex Sentences Examples
When the heat comes, the lake dry up and the farmers know the crops will fail. dependent clause; independent clause; conjunction

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