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Let’s get moving!!! The importance of physical activity for a healthy lifestyle!

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1 Let’s get moving!!! The importance of physical activity for a healthy lifestyle!

2 Benefits of physical activity  Physical activity: any form of movement that causes your body to use energy * includes all activities you do on a daily basis * benefits almost all body systems & all aspects of health * 60 minutes a day!

3 Let’s take a closer look…  PHYSICAL BENEFITS: * Improves physical fitness- the ability to carry out daily tasks easily & have enough energy to respond to other demands * Boost energy * Maintain a healthy weight * Reduce risk of disease

4 Bigger, better, faster, stronger! Strengthens heart to pump blood more efficiently Reduces blood pressure Lungs work more efficiently- taking in more oxygen Strengthens muscles & bones Improves balance & coordination Reduces risk of osteoporosis as you age

5 Mental/emotional benefits  Stress Relief/Mood enhancement- produces endorphins “feel good” hormones  Better sleep  Improved self-esteem/self-confidence- sense of accomplishment  Improved concentration

6 Social benefits  Meet new people  Spend time with friends  Part of a team, group, club  Motivate you  Teamwork, sportsmanship, cooperation

7 Risks of inactivity  Sedentary lifestyle- involves little to no physical activity  Health problems include: * weight gain/obesity * Heart attack/stroke * Type 2 diabetes * Osteoporosis * Stress, anxiety, depression *Types of cancer * Premature death

8 Types of exercise Aerobic exercise- uses large muscle groups & raises heart rate Anaerobic exercise- intense, short burst of activity where muscles produce energy without oxygen

9 Elements of fitness  Cardio-respiratory Endurance- ability of heart, lungs, & blood vessels to send fuel & oxygen to your tissues during exercise * Improve by running, biking, swimming, dancing  Muscular Strength- amount of force your muscles exert  Muscular Endurance- ability of muscles to work without getting tired * Improve these by strength training  Flexibility- ability to move your body through a range of motion * Improve by stretching  Body Composition- ratio of fat to lean body tissue

10 Fitness plan  Goal- specific to your personal needs- fitness level, sport, equipment  Warm-up- prepares muscles for work  Work-out- main session- exercising at the highest peak- F.I.T.T. formula:  Frequency- how often you work-out  Intensity- how hard you work-out  Time- how long the session is  Type- what activities you do Cool down- low level activity that gets the body back to rest- ex- walking & stretching

11 Fitness plan  Principles of Fitness  Specificity-choosing the right types of activities to improve a certain element  Progression- increasing demands on your body  Overload- exercising at a level beyond daily activities “pushing yourself”  Reversibility- “use it or lose it”- work out on a regular basis 3-5 days a week  Tedium- vary your workouts so you don’t get bored

12 Target heart rate 1. Multiply your age by.7 2. Subtract from 208 to find your maximum heart rate 3. Multiply that # by.70 4. Multiply the # in step 2 by.85 5. The answers in steps 3 & 4 are the range your heart rate should be while working out

13 My Fitness Plan MonTuesWedThursFriSatSun FOFFComboEllipticalComboOFFRunCombo IXXXXX90% of THR 75% of THR 90% of THR XXXX75% of THR 90% of THR TXXXXX30 min45 min30 minXXXX30 min TXXXXXCardio & Strength CardioCardio & Strength XXXXCardioCardio & Strength GOAL: To lose 5 lbs within 1 month WARM-UP: Slow jog for 5 minutes then stretch COOL DOWN: Walk for 5 minutes & stretch

14 PRINCIPLES  Specificity- I am working all areas for over-all improvement  Progression- each combo session I will do 5 more reps, elliptical will go up to 5 rpm faster each week, running will increase by.5 mph each week  Overload- 75% THR  Reversibility- I work out 5 days a week  Tedium- Combo, elliptical, run

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