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Modern Art Dada. Marcel Duchamp, Fountain (signed “R. Mutt”), 1917, porcelain urinal, life-size.

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1 Modern Art Dada

2 Marcel Duchamp, Fountain (signed “R. Mutt”), 1917, porcelain urinal, life-size.

3 Marcel Duchamp, Bicycle Wheel, replica of a lost 1913 original, bicycle wheel on wooden stool, life-size, MoMA, NY.

4 Marcel Duchamp, Prelude to a Broken Arm, 1917, shovel, life-size.

5 Marcel Duchamp, Bottlerack, 1914 (Bottle Dryer), full scale replica of a lost 1914 original.

6 Marcel Duchamp, L.H.O.O.Q., 1919, color reproduction of Leonardo da Vinci’s Mona Lisa altered with pencil, Private collection, Paris.

7 Marcel Duchamp, Nude Descending a Staircase, no 2, 1912, Oil on canvas, Philadelphia Museum of Art.

8 Marcel Duchamp, Tu m’, 1918, Oil and graphite on canvas, with bottle-washing brush, safety pins, nut and bolt, Yale University Art Gallery, New Haven.

9 Jean Hans Arp, Arrangenment According to the Laws of Chance (Collage with Squares), 1916-17, torn and pasted paper on paper, MoMA, NY.

10 Kurt Schwitters, Merzbau, Hanover, Germany, c.1924-33 (destroyed).

11 Modern Art Surrealism

12 Max Ernst, Two Children are Threatened by a Nightingale, 1924, oil on wood with wood construction, 27½” X 22½” X 4½”, MoMA, NY.

13 Max Ernst, The Elephant Celebes, 1921, Oil on canvas, 51” X 43¼”.

14 Max Ernst, Oedipus Rex, 1922, Oil on canvas, 36” X 40”.

15 Max Ernst, Europe After the Rain, 1940-1942, Oil on canvas, 21½” X 58”.

16 Andre Masson, Battle of Fishes, 1927, sand, gesso, oil, pencil and charcoal on canvas, 14¼” X 28¾”, MoMA, NY.

17 Joan Miro, The Hunter, 1923-24.

18 Joan Miró, The Harlequin’s Carnival, 1924-25, Oil on canvas, 26” X 36”.

19 Joan Miró, The Tilled Field, 1923-24, Oil on canvas, 26” X 36½”.

20 Joan Miró, The Birth of the World, 1925, Oil on canvas, 8' 3" X 6' 6¾”.

21 Salvador Dalí, The Great Masturbator, 1929, Oil on canvas, 43” X 59".

22 Salvador Dalí, The Enigma of Desire--My Mother, My Mother, My Mother, 1929, Oil on canvas, 43” X 59”.

23 Salvador Dalí, The Persistence of Memory, 1931, Oil on canvas, 9½” X 13", MoMA, NY.

24 Salvador Dalí, Soft-Construction with Boiled Beans: Premonition of Civil War, 1936, Oil on canvas, 43¼” X 33 1/8”, MoMA, NY.

25 Salvador Dalí, Mae West’s Face Which May Be Used as a Surrealist Apartment, 1934-1935, gouache on newspaper, 12” X 6”.

26 Salvador Dalí, Apparition of Face and Fruit Dish on a Beach, 1938, Oil on canvas, 45” X 56”.

27 René Magritte, The Human Condition I, 1934, Oil on canvas, Private Collection, France.

28 René Magritte, The False Mirror, 1928, Oil on canvas, 21¼” X 31”.

29 René Magritte, The Betrayal of Images (This Is Not a Pipe), 1929, Oil on canvas, 24½” X 31”.

30 René Magritte, The Lovers, 1928, Oil on canvas, Collection Richard S. Zeisler, NY.

31 René Magritte, The Rape, 1934, Oil on canvas, 28¾” X 21”.

32 Pablo Picasso, Bull’s Head, 1942, assemblage of bicycle saddle and handlebars, Musee Picasso, Paris.

33 Pablo Picasso, Girl Before a Mirror, 1932, Oil on canvas, MoMA, NY.

34 Pablo Picasso, Seated Bather, 1930, Oil on canvas, MoMA, NY.

35 Meret Oppenheim, Object (Dejeuner en Fourrure), 1936.

36 Alberto Giacometti, Woman with Her Throat Cut, 1932.

37 Alberto Giacometti, Suspended Ball, 1930-31.

38 Roberto Matta Echaurren, Listen to the Living, 1941, Oil on canvas, MoMA, NY.

39 Frida Kahlo, The Two Fridas, 1939, Oil on canvas, 67" x 67".

40 Frida Kahlo, Diego on my Mind, 1943, Oil on masonite, 30" X 24".

41 Frida Kahlo, The Broken Column (self-portrait), 1944, Oil on canvas, Museo Dolores Olmedo, Mexico.

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