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The new MEF Group S. Baird 12 th December 2008. The new MEF Group Mandate for the MEF Group MEF structure Support for LHC experiments Formal meetings/committees.

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1 The new MEF Group S. Baird 12 th December 2008

2 The new MEF Group Mandate for the MEF Group MEF structure Support for LHC experiments Formal meetings/committees Extra slides –Enlarged list of MEF specific responsibilities –Mandates for sections

3 Machine and Experimental Facilities (MEF) Group in the Engineering Department S. Myers 11 th November –“The new structure has, as primary objective, the optimisation of the operational performance of the LHC and the other experimental facilities.” –“Each new department is an equal partner in contributing to the operational efficiency of the accelerators” For us (MEF) this means…. –Move from LHC Construction and Installation to LHC Operation –Efficient coordination of all activities (accelerators and experiments) –Support for experiments (installation and operation) –LHC is an ensemble of accelerators, experimental areas and experiments…. –….and it all has to work

4 Mandate for MEF Group The Group is responsible for:- –planning and coordinating all maintenance and installation activities in the CERN Accelerator Complex, –providing support to the experiments using the CERN accelerators, during their preparation, integration, installation and operation, –the design, installation and maintenance of the secondary beam lines and zones. –configuration management and integration activities for the LHC and SPS



7 MEF and LHC experiments Today the support for LHC experiments comes from TS/LEA –MEF will continue the previous engagements –Today’s responsibilities remain for 2009 How will the support need to evolve as we move into regular beam operation/shutdown schedule? –Goal to provide an agreed service to experiments (agreed with each experiment) Service will not change - I hope with a bigger team we can do better –“forward detectors”, remote handling installations…, shielding –Background studies and preparation: (needs formalizing) –LHC upgrade Other MEF sections are already involved in integration planning etc –Gas installations, cabling and installation support… Maintain service from TS/LEA in EN/MEF/SI Improve with additional manpower from ATB/SBA

8 EAMS…. –Atlas: F. Butin (absent 01-06/09), D. De Paoli, F. Bais –Alice: S. Evrard, B Moris –LHCb D. Lacarrere, J. Herranz-Alvarez –CMS M. Gastal (contract ends 06/09) S. Rew (transfer back to GS/CE?) For CMS MEF will maintain the support on 5 th January –Additional manpower? –Re-assign tasks inside the team For June…. MEF and LHC experiments

9 For future –Define support required for each experiment We need to know what you need –Standard Shutdown activities, installation and maintenance (including gas, cabling and some mechanical work etc…) MEF/ABA and MEF/LE with support from MEF/SI –“Forward detectors” upgrades modifications MEF/LE,… –LHC background studies MEF/LE, BE/ABP, BE/OP, collimation project etc. –New activities/studies including LHC upgrade MEF/LE –???? MEF and LHC experiments

10 Committees LHCC LEMIC LHC Experiments Technical Committee (LETC) –Practical Forum to discuss the technical issues for LHC experiments concerning:- Integration, Installation, Services, Operational support. –Replaces LEADE?. –Participation:- LHC experiments, services representative (CV, EL, IT, SC, access), MEF, machine operations….. LHC background working group –Coordinates the activities for the LHC background estimates and optimization. MEF/LE, LHC Experiments, BE/ABP, Collimation project, EN/ATB, BE/OP….


12 Provide Configuration Management for the LHC machine using the Reference Database, and extend these Configuration Management methods to SPS (and PS?). Provide integration studies for the LHC machine, LHC experiments, SPS and new projects, such as HIE-ISOLDE, LINAC4, and study the possibility of extending these methods to the PS Complex. The Group is also involved in the migration from EUCLID to CATIA through the E2CTF Committee. Planning and coordination of installation, maintenance shutdown and repair activities for LHC, PSB, PS, SPS, LEIR & AD. Design, installation and maintenance of the beam lines and equipment, downstream of the primary targets in the North Area, CNGS, PS-East Area and the AD experimental area. Provide support to CERN experiments for their installation, services and integration with the beam lines. For LHC this includes responsibility for all “forward detectors”, and the optimization of the layout of the regions around the LHC experiments, paying special attention to particle background issues. Specific MEF responsibilities I/II

13 Maintain fixed gas installations and cabling for CERN experimental areas. During beam operation, follow-up and guidance of CCC operators and users on a daily basis for the optimal use of the experimental beam lines. During LHC physics operation follow-up, with CCC operators, the optimization of running conditions for all the LHC experiments. Coordinate the Accelerator Consolidation programs Provide planning support for CERN projects such as CLIC, LINAC4, the LHC upgrade… Provide TSO’s for accelerator tunnels, experimental Halls and related surface buildings Management of the LHC sites. Management of the Prevessin storage for material from the CERN Accelerator tunnels. A CERN-wide policy for storage of this material needs to be evaluated. Specific MEF responsibilities II/II

14 LHC Planning and Coordination Planification LHC –Planifier les activités des shut-down de la machine, et organiser la logistique associée. –Suivre et ajuster le planning en fonction de l’avancement des activités –Informer les différents acteurs du plan de base et de son évolution Planification upgrade LHC et autres projets : CLIC, LINAC4,.. Coordination des travaux –Coordonner les travaux sur le terrain –S’assurer de la mise en œuvre de la logistique « matériel» définie –Gestion des zones de cantonnement et de la déchèterie locale durant le SD Gestion des sites –Gestion opérationnelle des sites durant toute l’année –TSO

15 Layouts and Integration Manage the LHC configuration with the Extended Reference Database and the Hardware Baseline. Handle the integration studies of CERN accelerators and transfer beam lines, with a priority to the injection chain to LHC. Ensure that the components, the services do not interfere with each other, or with the tunnel wall.

16 Accelerators, Beam lines and Areas The section provides a global coordination for all of CERN's Accelerators and Beam Areas except the LHC Ring but including the Infrastructure & Services related to the LHC Experiments. In particular, the section is responsible for:- –Planning and coordinating all the installation, maintenance and repair activities throughout the CERN Accelerator Complex including transfer lines, secondary beam lines and associated Experimental Areas (PSB, PS, EAST HALL, SPS, NORTH AREA, AD, AD EXP AREA, LEIR, CNGS beam line and target zone & nTOF beam line). –Providing infrastructure and services related support to the LHC Experiments –Supervising and coordinating the Accelerator Sector Consolidation programs. –Providing TSO’s for CERN's accelerators (other than LHC machine) and some associated buildings.

17 Services and Installation The section is a support for the whole MEF group for installation activities in the machines, secondary beam lines and experimental areas. The SI section:- –provides support to the experiments in the fixed target experimental areas for mechanical installation work, which involve welding, machining and complex assembly works. –is responsible for the vacuum in the secondary beam lines and provides those lines with mechanical support for instrumentation, alignment tables and platforms. –provides gas system installations and cabling installation on request in experimental areas. –organises the supply of inflammable and neutral experimental gases to the experimental areas at CERN.

18 Liaison to Experiments The LE section provides support to experiments using the CERN accelerators during their preparation, integration, and operation. This includes integration and layout modification studies, background calculations, as well as follow-up and guidance of operations for the optimal use of the beams. The section is responsible for the design of the secondary beams downstream the primary targets and of the corresponding experimental areas.

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