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University of Idaho Business 378 – Project Management Yoshi Pitkin.

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1 University of Idaho Business 378 – Project Management Yoshi Pitkin

2 Project Goal Statement This project will result in a recommendation for Capital Eye Care with the optimal method to digitize electronic medical records.

3 Why should Capital Eye Care implement an EMR system? Almost every government worldwide is calling for digitized patient records by the year 2015. Capital Eye Care has all of its patient records on paper. Inherent problems associated with paper-based files include inefficiency of accessing information, administrative costs, lost or misfiled information, storage, retrieval and overall inefficiency costs.

4 Benefits of an EMR system Preservation of vulnerable physical documents Easy storing advantages Effortless duplication of data Quick and easy retrieval of patient data Easy portability and sharing solutions Reduced administrative costs Increased information security and control Consolidation of records from multiple sources Minimized storage costs Increased information security Improved organization output and efficiency

5 Gauging Capital Eye Care’s Needs Capital Eye Care is divisible into three specific areas: Clerical Clinical Optical

6 Clerical The hub of the office is the reception desk – this is where all office visits start and end. The receptionist uses the computer to calculate and record payments. The receptionist can print out forms for insurance claims at the front desk or later at the business office computer. When the receptionist schedules a patient's next appointment, the date automatically prints out on the receipt. The business office computer provides an environment free of patient intrusion. This is the place to do accounts payables, insurance billing and tracking, financial reports, collections and receivables.

7 Clinical Each exam room and electronic instrument will be part of the network. In their special testing room, they have a networked computer that contains retinal imaging, topography and visual fields. These instruments connect to the computer in each exam room, which in turn allows the doctors to access the findings on any computer connected to the network. In the exam room computer, a new electronic medical record automatically records the patient's name, age, exam date and time. From here, the doctors are able to bring up the patient's prior exams, retinal images, topographies or visual fields.

8 Optical At the optical computer, the optician can bring up the routing form with the doctor's instructions and recommendations along with the prescription. The computer records frame and lens specifications and generates lab orders when the patient completes his selections. The optician is able to print these lab orders or access them through an in- house lab computer, add optical fees to the patient's electronic fee slip so she can then take payments at the front desk.

9 Project EMR System Recommendation Eyefinity/OfficeMate -ExamWRITER The industry's most trusted and widely used electronic medical record (EMR) system. ExamWRITER: "Rapid retrieval of patient files, organized and legible records, overall practice efficiency and time savings are key components of ExamWRITER. I've seen a savings of $1,200. per month just in transcription costs alone. All of this at an extremely attractive price point and backed by a company that truly listens to what we as Doctors are asking for." - Daniel Laby, MD, Norwood, MA

10 Benefits of ExamWRITER Automate Capital Eye Care’s workflow by automatically documenting and updating a new exam record with the patient's past medical history and presenting prescription. Quickly compare previous diagnostics to current diagnostics to rapidly document impressions. Allow seamless integration to automatically send procedure and diagnosis codes and final Rx information from ExamWRITER to OfficeMate for lab orders and billing. All of these automatic processes eliminate transcription errors, dramatically reduce the use of paper in the office, and improve overall practice efficiency. Some of the most powerful features in ExamWRITER include: Seamless EMR integration Ophthalmic templates and drawing tools Optional third-party equipment integration Automatic generation of co-management reports

11 OfficeMate TIP (Technology Integrated Products) automates manual tasks through a seamless integration into ExamWRITER while increasing efficiency, accuracy, and ultimately, providing improved patient care and retention.

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