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暑假班國小加註英語專長六學分班 Schedule for the first two weeks: Speaking Domain

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1 暑假班國小加註英語專長六學分班 Schedule for the first two weeks: Speaking Domain
D1 08/05    Introduction to ESL/EFL Speaking D2 08/06    Speaking for Beginning Level Learners D3 08/07    English Pronunciation I: Vowels + Consonants D4 08/12  English Pronunciation II: Vowels + Consonants D5 08/13   Appropriation Activities D6 08/14    The Board Game Project Due

2 Introduction to ESL/EFL Speaking
楊明倫 南台科技大學

3 What is Speaking? Language Input (Listening + Reading) vs. Language Output (Speaking +Writing) Speaking (utterances) is the most difficult of the four language skills. Why? Consists of producing systematic verbal utterances to convey meaning. Is an interactive process of constructing meaning that involves producing and receiving and processing information. Is often spontaneous, open-ended, and evolving. BUT is not completely unpredictable.

4 Units of Language

5 Linguistic Competence
Ters help Lers develop Linguistic competences. Communicative competence (mid 1970s) Interact w/ others, make meaning Sociolinguistic competence ( ) Use language appropriately in contexts (ex. register, word choice, politeness strategies) Strategic competence Use strategies to compensate for gaps in skills and knowledge Discourse competence (2000-): how sentence elements are tied together Cohesion (文句中reference一致性), coherence (上下文語意的一致性)

6 Abstracts for Cohesion+Coherence
A: Hey, Brian, how’s it going? B: Wow! I just had a test and it was really hard! A: Oh, What was the test about? B: Statistics! All those formulas are so confusing! A: Yeah, I don’t like that stuff either. Coherence A: Going to the review session? B: Basketball practice.

7 Teaching Speaking The Grammar-Translation Method The Direct Method
The Audiolingual Method/Audiolingualism The Silent Way Suggestopaedia Community Language Learning The Communicative Approach/Communicative Language Teaching Total Physical Response

8 Assessing Speaking Validity Reliability Practicality
test what we intended to measure Reliability consistency between different raters Practicality Resources we have, ex. time, money, personnel Washback/Instructional Impact Positive or negative?

9 Types of Assessment for Speaking
Direct Tests Oral interviews, conversations, unscripted role-plays Indirect Tests Phoneme discrimination tests Conversational cloze tests Semi-Direct Tests Recording tests (speaking sessions in GEPT)

10 How to Evaluate Speaking
Objective Scoring Scored by people or computer? Only one correct answer? Holistic Ratings Rating scale? Pass or No-Pass/CT or Non CT Analytic Ratings On sub-skills: vocabulary, grammar pronunciation, fluency…

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