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Standard Grade Business Management Unit 4.5 – How do Businesses Communicate?

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1 Standard Grade Business Management Unit 4.5 – How do Businesses Communicate?

2 What is communication? Process by which information is passed from the sender to the receiver

3 Communication can be … Formal or Informal Formal – official communication, usually good quality and often to a large number of people. For example Annual accounts, Notices to all Staff Informal – casual communications usually to a smaller number of people. For example chatting to a colleague over coffee or messages left on notes

4 Internal – takes place within a business. For example memos, email, staff notice boards, loudspeaker systems, internal phones External – between a business and the outside world, eg with suppliers, customers. For example www, press releases, letters, video- conferencing, advertisements, notices. Communication can be … Internal or External

5 Methods of Communication Written Oral Visual

6 Written Communication Football club  Match tickets  Letters to suppliers  Memos to members of staff  Leaflets – for advertising and promotion  Financial reports – end of year reports for information for shareholders

7 Oral Communication  Football club  TV/radio interviews  Telephone conversations  Announcements at matches  Videos and DVDs Verbal communication is often immediate and useful for informing large numbers of people at the same time.

8 Visual Communication  Football Club  Posters  Photos  Video and film  Billboards  Graphs and charts Sometimes visual is easier to understand at a glance. It can be attractive and appealing.

9 Electronic Communication  Football club  Webpage  Facebook  Twitter  Text messaging  Internet  E-mail  Fax Appeals to many younger people. Very wide audience.

10 Why use ICT to communicate Speed of transmission Cost effectiveness Keep abreast of competitors To reach worldwide market Ease of communications with customers Efficiency in keeping records

11 Advantages and Disadvantages of ICT AdvantagesDisadvantages Speed and accuracy of passing on information Can be expensive to install equipment and train staff Communicate with many people Data can be corrupt Reduces waste (eg paper) Systems can break down Can improve decision making Specialised ICT support needed

12 Selecting a method of communication You must be able to choose the most appropriate method of communication for a given situation. Eg which method would you choose for the following: Telling all staff about new health and safety legislation Informing local customers of a limited time promotion Launching a new product onto the market

13 Mix of Communication Methods At credit level, you should be able to describe and justify how a mix of methods of communication mey be used in a given situation, eg Launch of a new product Delivering health and safety training Consulting staff on their view about relocating to a different area (consulting implies that the organisation requires feedback from staff)

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