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BTEC Business Level 3 Unit 4 Assignment 5 P7.

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1 BTEC Business Level 3 Unit 4 Assignment 5 P7

2 Audiences There are a range of factors to consider when identifying the audience for business communication; Age and Attention span Gender and Ethnicity Special Needs and Accessibility Reading Ability Legibility Interest Distraction Avoidance Business/ related Experience

3 Methods of Communication
Written Letter Memo Fax Invoice Flow charts Publicity material SMS Screen based WWW Non Written Telephone Call Video Conferencing

4 Use of Technology Computers Touch Screens Digital Broadcasting DVD
Mobile Phones Internet and Wireless

5 Communication Skills required
To effectively communicate the information a business has it must ensure it uses the appropriate communication skills for the appropriate task and audience; Formal or Informal? Verbal or Non Verbal? Listening Skills Understanding Seeking Clarification Eye Contact Facial Expressions Body Language Presentation Skills

6 P7- Outline Electronic and Non Electronic Sources of Information
Produce a table to show the electronic and non electronic sources of information that your chosen business uses. You MUST include the audience, purpose and examples. Communication method Electronic/ Non Electronic Purpose Intended audience

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