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Poetry Terms.

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1 Poetry Terms

2 Speaker the voice that relates the story or ideas of a poem

3 Structured Form poems whose lines and/or stanzas have a regular repeated pattern

4 Free Verse poems whose lines and/or stanzas have no regular pattern or rhyme scheme

5 Stanza a group of lines forming a unit, similar to a paragraph
Ex: How many stanzas? (2) He threw the ball Up a tree. (1) It could not fall Down to me. (2)

6 Types of Stanzas couplet – 2 lines per stanza
tercet – 3 lines per stanza quatrain – 4 lines per stanza cinquain – 5 lines per stanza sestet – 6 lines per stanza septet – 7 lines per stanza octave – 8 lines per stanza

7 Repetition the repeating of sounds, words, phrases, lines, or stanzas

8 Refrain a repeated passage

9 Rhyming Words Ex: place/face
words that have identical or very similar final sounds Ex: place/face hat/mat

10 Rhyme Scheme the pattern in rhyme which represents identical final sounds in lines or verses Ex: What is the rhyme scheme? (ABAB) He threw the ball (A) Up a tree. (B) It could not fall (A) Down to me. (B)

11 Internal Rhyme rhyme between a word within the line of poetry and the last word of the same line Ex: At number four, to waltz no more.

12 Imagery language that creates a sensory impression within the reader’s mind

13 Figurative Language the use of words, phrases, symbols, and ideas in such a way as to evoke mental images and sense impressions

14 Alliteration the repetition of sounds at the beginning of words
Ex: The delightfully dainty dinosaurs danced through my dreams. (“d” sound)

15 Assonance the repetition of vowel sounds
Ex: The goat jumped off the boat and started to float. (“o” sound)

16 Analogy a comparison between things based on parallels or connections between two ideas. Ex: sox : feet :: gloves : hands lion : cage :: book : bookcase

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