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Access to Clinical Expertise Steve Bain David Powell Jemma Hughes Paula Jeffries.

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1 Access to Clinical Expertise Steve Bain David Powell Jemma Hughes Paula Jeffries

2 Session overview NISCHR AHSC Overview Services NISCHR AHSC can provide to Industry Support available from local NHS R&D offices Industry perspective of working with NHS in Wales Q&A

3 NHS & social careUniversitiesIndustry Welsh Government NISCHR leads on strategy, policy, commissioning, funding, contract management and governance of NHS & social care R&D Faculty The community of NISCHR funded researchers People, patients, service users, carers Academic Health Sciences Collaboration Runs NHS Permission unit, & NHS support posts, links to R&D offices, monitors NHS R&D funding and leads on industrial collaboration Biomedical research Centres Support for four flagship high quality translational research groups to help them deliver Clinical research Centre Support for studies through research professional network, portfolio management, training and development and public/patient engagement Networks (RRGs) Networks of researchers who generate proposals, win grants, deliver and disseminate Trials units & Infrastructure groups Support and deliver high quality research Community Academic Social Services collaboration A capacity building pilot scheme with social services

4 NISCHR AHSC- Mission To facilitate the collaboration between NHS Organisations, Higher Education Institutions and the Industry Sector in Wales – in order to combine basic and translational research, clinical care and education – to create world-leading improvements in healthcare

5 Working with Industry Industry Task & Finish Group established in late 2011 Included representation from Industry (Multi-national and Welsh), Government, NISCHR infrastructure, HEIs and NHS The group’s remit was to make recommendations to NISCHR AHSC as to how we should interact with Industry

6 T&F group recommendations Recommendations were made and agreed by NISCHR most of which now form part of NISCHR AHSC’s Delivery Plan: Recommendation One: NISCHR should develop an Industry Communications Plan to be implemented by NISCHR AHSC which includes communications with external stakeholders (through a NISCHR AHSC Industry Group), branding, an Industry portal, promotional material and promotional events. Key Performance Indicators should also be developed and used when marketing Wales. Recommendation Two: NISCHR AHSC should take on a performance management role to manage the set up and delivery of commercial research across Wales through co-ordination with NHS R&D and academic research support offices. Recommendation Three: NISCHR AHSC should establish a facilitation service for commercial R&D in Wales which could include advice on study design, a register of research interests/ specialisms, a development forum for translational research and a register of research resources. Recommendation Four: NISCHR should establish a funding scheme for rapid implementation of proof of concept studies.

7 T&F group recommendations (2) Recommendation Five: NISCHR AHSC should provide a signposting function for relevant existing funding schemes/ calls across Wales and beyond where appropriate and should proactively assist companies in accessing these. A funding map, which goes alongside the route map to market should be developed by NISCHR AHSC to facilitate this. Recommendation Six: NISCHR AHSC should continue to streamline regulatory and governance process for research in Wales and across the UK, particularly looking at proportionate review approaches. Recommendation Seven: NISCHR AHSC should facilitate access to and the use of model contracts and agreements for Industry in Wales, should scope whether there are any gaps in the provision of model contracts/ agreements and where there are gaps, NISCHR AHSC should take on a lead role of developing model contracts and agreements. Recommendation Eight: NISCHR AHSC should facilitate access to and the consistent use of industry costing templates across Wales and lead on the adaptation of the Industry costing template for medical devices for SMEs in Wales.

8 Industry Plan Recommendations agreed in full by NISCHR Welsh Government NISCHR AHSC Delivery Plan incorporates majority of the recommendations to be implemented 2012/13-2014/15

9 Services NISCHR AHSC can provide to Industry David Powell

10 What does industry want? Recommendations made by the T&F Group included: – Access to clinicians and academics for product development – Access to the NHS for clinical trials and clinical investigations – Fast setup of clinical trials and clinical investigations – Recruitment to time and target

11 AHSC Services for Industry General Signposting Partnering / Clinical Access Feasibility / Site Identification Contracts Advice & Review Costings Support & Advice Study Set-up & Management Performance Management of Studies Health Research Wales... coming March 2013!

12 The AHSC Industry Team Lead Industry Manager – David Powell Industry Managers – North Wales – Rebecca Burns – South West Wales – Watch this space – South East Wales – Sian James Industry Co-ordinator

13 Referrals Identify possible collaborators/ investigators and NHS Organisations – Commercial Research Register – Local knowledge – Registered Research Groups Industry knowledge – Referrals to other companies Referrals to local authority and private nursing homes

14 Working with Industry: 1 PI identified via Health Board R&D Director Met with PI and R&D Office to identify staff requirements R&D Office found nurse to work on study and arranged with a local academic institution for statistical review of data AHSC provided costing for grant application

15 Working with Industry: 1 AHSC provided contract between company and NHS Organisation AHSC liaised with NISCHR, Welsh Government, to resolve issues with grant Recruitment continuing

16 Working with Industry: 2 Company contacted NISCHR AHSC Already working with a clinician but no contact for several months AHSC and NHS Organisation R&D Office re- established contact with clinician AHSC advised company to seek guidance from MHRA and arranged contact Study proceeding

17 Working with Industry: 2 AHSC arranged contacts with four other Welsh NHS Organisations and one private nursing home Discussions proceeding

18 Contact Us – David Powell, NISCHR AHSC Lead Industry Manager; – – Tel: 02920 196816

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