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Getting research off the ground

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1 Getting research off the ground
Research Design Service South East (RDS SE) Dr Claire Rosten Research Advisor

2 Overview Review the structure of the NIHR re. funding programmes.
Quick overview of the various programmes. More in-depth look at RfPB programme. Overview of the RDS and what help we can give to researchers. Open discussion of research ideas.

3 NIHR Structure Research Funding

4 NIHR Funding Bodies NIHR Evaluation, Trials and Studies Coordination Centre (NETSCC) Health Technology Assessment programme (HTA) Public Health Research programme (PHR) Efficacy and Mechanism Evaluation programme (EME) Health Services and Delivery Research programme (HS&DR; as of Jan. 2012)

5 NIHR Funding Bodies These funding programmes are dual-stream:
1. Needs-led stream: Calls for proposals Primary research & Evidence synthesis 2. Researcher-led stream: responsive Three calls a year. Two-stage application process.

6 NIHR Funding Bodies Central Commissioning Facility (CCF)
Programme Grants for Applied Research Programme Development Grants Invention for Innovation (i4i) Research for Patient Benefit (RfPB)

7 Research for Patient Benefit
Responsive scheme, funding research: arising from daily practice in the NHS. developed between NHS and other partners. with potential for influencing practice. Annual budget of £25m p.a. 3 funding competitions per year. Regional funding panels.

8 RfPB Regional Panels - 10 regions
RfPB Regional Panels regions. - Each with its own RfPB funding panel.

9 RfPB scope Regionally commissioned health services and public health research - qualitative and quantitative designs to: Study the provision and use of NHS services. Evaluate the effectiveness and cost effectiveness of interventions. Examine the resource utilisation of alternative means for healthcare delivery. Formally scrutinise innovations and developments. Pilot or feasibility studies.

10 RfPB requirements Principle investigator and up to six co-applicants.
 Strong research team with expertise covering all aspects of the proposal. Maximum of three years of funding up to a value of £250,000. NHS Trust holds the money. University academic partners are actively encouraged.

11 RfPB requirements Main research outcome of some tangible form of PATIENT BENEFIT.  Ideally the results will impact directly on current practice. Strong evidence of Patient-Public involvement (PPI) in the design stages of the research as well as in the running of the study and in the dissemination of its results. Clear plans for dissemination.

12 RfPB application form Online application form.
PI and all co-applicants must register. Specific word counts for sections. Single stage application, but there is a preliminary scoping to ensure projects are within remit.

13 RfPB Competitions RfPB competitions are held 3 times a year.
Submission Deadline: 20th January 2012 Preliminary Scrutiny: Mid-March 2012 Outcome: Late July 2012 Competition 18 Submission Deadline estimate: May 2012

14 RfPB experiences Applications out of scope.
No case made for patient benefit. Inadequate research design. Incoherent methodology. Feasibility not convincing. Gaps within the research team. Inadequate attention to PPI.

15 RfPB – word to the wise Must demonstrate DIRECT benefit to NHS users – short and medium term. Include Public Involvement. Academic involvement – Statistician, Health Economist, Epidemiologist. Rigorous study, well-presented, simple language. Access other sources of information – Directors letter, list of successful studies, RfPB FAQs.

16 Research Design Service
RDS is part of the NIHR research infrastructure alongside other initiatives such as: Topic Specific Clinical Research Networks Local Comprehensive Research Networks (CLRN) Research Centres Biomedical Research Units, Experimental Medicine Facilities, Technology Platforms Collaborations for Leadership in Applied Health Research and Care

17 NIHR Structure RDS

18 RDS: Purpose To help researchers develop and design high quality research proposals for submission to national, peer-reviewed funding competitions for applied health and social care research. To provide consistent national coverage, with a focus on NHS-based researchers applying to the NIHR Research for Patient Benefit Programme. To offer access to a range of expertise in research design and to refer to other sources of expert advice on the applied health and social care research system.

19 Research Design Service
Nationally Research Design Services, mainly located in universities. One in each Strategic Health Authority area and aligned to the CLRNs. Contract runs from October 2008 – September 2013.

20 Ten NIHR Research Design Services in England

21 RDS South East We provide help with: Formulating research questions.
Identifying appropriate funding programmes. Evidence review. Epidemiological techniques. Methodological advice. Statistics. Health economics and economic evaluation. Qualitative methods. Patient-public Involvement (PPI). RDS South East

22 Research Design Service SE
NHS researchers in health and social care who wish to develop bids for RfPB in particular and NIHR more generally. We advise on: formulating research questions. research design for quantitative and qualitative studies including statistics advice. Identifying appropriate funding sources . preparing applications. contacting potential collaborators in research – in universities and in the NHS . ways of including patients, patient representatives and the public at all stages of the research process (PPI). Ethical issues. In some cases we can act as partners and collaborators

23 How do we help? One stop shop approach through dedicated telephone line or to access to: One-to-one consultation with a primary Research Advisor (in person, via telephone or/and ). Referral to other sources of help. Research for Patient Benefit clinics/workshops. We can also act as ‘brokers’ between organisations -NHS, NIHR, HEIs, INVOLVE etc.

24 Get in touch…

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