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1 NECOBELAC Project WORK PACKAGE 3 Cross-national advocacy infrastructure.

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1 1 NECOBELAC Project WORK PACKAGE 3 Cross-national advocacy infrastructure

2 2 NECOBELAC Kick off meeting – 23 February 2009 Develop a cross-national advocacy infrastructure including a website for all stakeholders within the network EU-LAC countries SHERPA University of Nottingham (UoN, UK) Bill Hubbard ( WP3 Cross-national advocacy infrastructure Lead Beneficiary MISSION

3 3 Process of building infrastructure Define what is to be done - –NECOBELAC as a response Examine examples from UK and Europe Draw lessons and guidance Define NECOBELAC context Define LAC context Iterative process of application, test, evaluation

4 4 Examine examples SHERPA - self-help group SHERPA Plus - self-help and workshop support RSP - centralised support, workshops, consultancy DRIVER - advocacy for IRs, European standards, political confederation

5 5 Lessons learnt overview For Open Access to work, need General stakeholder awareness of Open Access National networks of OA developers Functioning national networks of repositories Engagement of stakeholders Permissive legal environment Technical capabilities & systems Organisation of use and development

6 6 Stakeholders Academic authors Academic researchers Librarians and information professionals Senior institutional administrators Funding agencies... medical practitioners, patients, publishers, learned societies, general public

7 7 General stakeholder awareness Create material for all stakeholders showing: Idea and advantages of Open Access to research Different forms of Open Access - repositories, publishing Different uses of Open Access publishing and repositories systems Support material for FAQs and initial objections

8 8 National networks of OA developers Identify enthusiasts and champions Support with information and guidance Advise on gaining support for IR establishment Help build community of IR managers Support with best practice in technical, metadata, administrative standards and policy guidance Support with advocacy materials and strategies

9 9 National networks of repositories Promotion of Open Access and repositories Information on repository establishment Information on forming national networks Bringing together key contacts Focus for repository development in a country Advice for advocates, developers, agents of change

10 10 Engagement of Stakeholders Identify key decision makers for adoption Identify enthusiasts and champions Support with information and guidance targeted at different stakeholders for local agents to use with local stakeholders Support with best practice in work-flow and cultural change Work through accepted research processes

11 11 Legal Environment Permission to archive –work with publishers and advisory services Direction to archive –work with funders, institutions and governments Stakeholders - particularly authors - need clarity, reassurance and service-level assistance

12 12 Technical capabilities Not a technical problem - within current capabilities Data Providers –Information on available Open Source and commercial repository solutions –Information on best-practice standards for technical implementation of systems Service Providers –Work with existing third-party providers to promote and use OA materials

13 13 Organisation Providing focus for national development through establishing contact networks Supporting development of national organisations through advice and case-studies Facilitate European-LAC contact and integration

14 14 Lessons learnt - procedures Resources - we cannot do it all Sustainability - we should not do it all Implementation - support and inform local champions to act as agents of change for stakeholders and users

15 15 What we want to get from stakeholders Government - recognise advantages of OA Funders - exploitation of OA; funding mandates; finance for OA publishing Institutions - support for IR systems; support for cultural adoption; sufficient staffing Academics - engagement and adoption with OA practices; reflection on publishing practices Researchers - use of OA materials and services Librarians - to take on the role of OA facilitators

16 16 WP3 Objectives Create active and informed community in LAC countries capable of developing an OA repository network. Create an active and supportive website as a focus on development and communication mechanism. Create subject-specific localisable advocacy materials to promote the development of OA repositories and the concept of open access.

17 17 WP3 Tasks Task 3.1 support website, including wiki, to provide advice, information and materials to stakeholders Task 3.2 informed and active community building of relevant stakeholders Task 3.3 support of repository establishment, by identifying key contacts and helping them to develop their own repository programmes Task 3.4 policy development for the support of OA

18 18 WP3 Deliverables 3.1 Website and wiki –Month of delivery: 2 - initial website and continuous thereafter 3.2 Advocacy programme for agents in LAC –Month of delivery: 6 3.3 Advocacy materials for local customisation –Month of delivery: 12 - initial outputs and continuous thereafter

19 19 Workpackage flow WP2 Identify landscape, stakeholders, strategies WP3 build advocacy infrastructure WP4 create and run training materials through infrastructure WP5 exploit infrastructure identifying individuals and collaborations WP6 creating content for use WP7 working with other health-related structures

20 20 WP3 Partner interaction - for identifications of people and structures (WP2) creation, translation of materials; delivery of support and advocacy (WP3) to provide route and contacts for training (WP4) to develop and deepen the infrastructure (WP5) to help all build route for content to users (WP6) to help all integrate with other information agencies (WP7)

21 21 and now... Define NECOBELAC context Define LAC context Iterative process of application, test, evaluation

22 22 Project website

23 23 Bill Hubbard SHERPA Manager NECOBELAC Kick off meeting – 23 February 2009

24 24

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