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ESP Chapter Leadership Orientation Updated Annually by Second Vice President for Chapter Relations and National Executive Director.

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1 ESP Chapter Leadership Orientation Updated Annually by Second Vice President for Chapter Relations and National Executive Director

2 Objectives Chapter leadership will: Gain knowledge and skills to perform their responsibilities. Become familiar with resources available to assist them in their role. Receive information on the chapter recognition programs.

3 Building Strong Chapters Constitution/By-Laws Dedicated Officers President President-Elect Secretary/Treasurer Leadership elected on a regular schedule..annually or bi-annually Executive Board meets on a regular schedule

4 Building Strong Chapters Active Committees Active Life members Recognition program Scholarship and Grants Good Communication Chapter Newsletter National Office JCEP Participation in regional and national opportunities Annual Self- assessment

5 Leadership Training JCEP Regional Workshops Winter of Each Year Led by Regional Vice- Presidents Any chapter member can participate National ESP Conference Rotates the four regions Meeting of National Council Web based officer orientation module Reflections of Extension Leadership Series

6 Guidelines for President Chapter Level Chair all meetings Appoint committees Authorize payment of bills Sign recognition certificates Prepare chapter reports Communication with National Oversee balloting for national and regional recognition Chapter voting delegates for National Council Sign nominations Submit chapter recognitions

7 Guidelines for President –Elect Function in absence of President Prepare for presidency Coordinate committee work Program chair for annual meeting Active in membership and recruitment

8 Guidelines for Secretary Record minutes of all meetings Handle official correspondence Serve as chapter newsletter editor Prepare two or more newsletters annually Send copies to National Office and Board Secure resources from Executive Director Maintain supply of resources

9 Guidelines for Treasurer Maintain all accounts and pay bills Keep record of all financial transactions Collect dues, life member payments and initiation fees to meet February 1 deadline Correspond with National Membership payments Member statistics Work with audit and budget committees

10 Guidelines for Past President Mentor to New President Serve as Chair of Nominating Committee Active member of Executive Committee

11 Chapter Committees Member Recruitment and Retention Member Services (Recognition Program) Professional Development Public Issues (Legislative) Global Issues Resource Development and Management (Budget and Audit)

12 Member Recruitment & Retention Initiates new members annually Recruits new life members Works with Treasurer to collect annual dues to meet February 1 deadline Assists treasurer in maintaining current membership database

13 Member Services Recognition of Membership Recognition of Friends of Extension Recognition of Support Personnel Participates in Regional and National Recognition Program through nomination and voting Participates in Mini-grant and scholarship program

14 Professional Development Chapter publishes a newsletter Chapter maintains a website Membership participates in National Council/Conference Members submit proposals for presentation at ESP Conference Participation in Regional and National ESP and JCEP Conferences is promoted Chapter offers professional development opportunities for Extension personnel

15 Public Issues Members participate in Public Issues Leadership Development (PILD) Chapter conducts a Public Issues activity Chapter encourages Diversity within Extension Issues for Extension and ESP are identified

16 Global Issues Chapter recognizes members for work in Global Issues Encourage members to participate in “Internationalizing of Extension” efforts Chapter has a Global Issues Contact

17 Resource Development Chapter budget approved on an annual basis Audit of financial books performed annually Dues payments to National Office made in a timely manner System in place to monitor chapter income and expenditures Chapter supports National ESP Development Fund through Endowment campaign, auction and/or donations

18 Chapter Self - Assessment Retention: Existing Annual and Life Members Recruitment: Potential Annual and Life Members General Items: Web-site Initiation Recruitment and Retention Materials Annual Membership Campaign

19 MEMBER (Annual) An Extension professional who: is currently employed by or retired from an entity of the Extension System exhibits excellence in programming and leadership meets chapters definition for membership (number of years/position) continues to provide leadership and excellence in Extension programming throughout their career and during retirement.

20 LIFE MEMBERSHIP Members who are retired from the Extension System. Paid-up life membership is purchased by making a one-time payment equal to five times the annual dues at the time of the purchase. Life Members hold equal rights and privileges to those paying annual dues.

21 Member At-Large Available when no chapter exists Eligibility – one year employment with Extension Submit application to National Office Initiation at the National Conference

22 Resources to Support Chapter Leadership ESP Website: http://espnational.org ESP Handbook Section E, Member Services and Recognition Program Section F, Membership Recruitment and Retention Section M, Membership Section N, Chapter Management Section P, Marketing and Promotion

23 Resources (con’t) Membership  Recruitment Brochures  Member Benefit Brochures  Chapter Assessment/Recognition Tools  Helps Marketing  Exhibit and Power Point Presentation  Memorabilia

24 Resources (con’t) Forms  New Chapter Officer Report Forms  List of Chapter Committee Contacts  Chapter Recognition Forms  Recruitment and Retention Form  Financial Management Forms  Supply/Resource Order Forms

25 Resources (con’t) ESP National Office Lists of Membership – annual and life Supplies…creeds, ESP folders, copies of ESP Connections Certificates and Membership Cards National President Letter to new annual and life members…benefits brochure, bookmark and magnet Permanent & Historical Record by ID Number and Chapter Computer Data Files All-paid life members Annual members Past members from 19297

26 Resources (con’t) Chair of Recruitment and Retention and Regional Vice Presidents Idea Sharing Chapter visits Chapter Reports and Websites

27 Submissions to National Office – Specific Dates Dues Payment – February 1 PILD Scholarship – February 1 Mini-Grant applications – February 1 RFP For Annual Conference Concurrent sessions – February 28 Member Recognition Nominations & Scholarships Applications – March 1 National Committee Nominations – April 1 Chapter Recognition – May 1 Chapter DSA Recognition to National – May 1

28 Submissions to National Office - Anytime Additional dues renewals, new members, and life members Change of status…death, retirement, resignation Change of address, e-mail, name Re-location of members…in or out Orders for supplies

29 Chapter Recognition Programs – Due May 1 Chapter of Merit Annually Chapter Self-Assessment and designation Every chapter recognized Achievement in Chapter Membership Recognition Recognizes top chapter in each region Annual Chapter Self-Assessment combined with review of Membership Recruitment and Retention Committee Presentation at National Conference

30 Chapter of Merit Designation Organization/Leadership Member Services Member Recruitment and Retention Professional Development Public Issues Resource Development Global Issues

31 Chapter of Merit Standards Platinum Standard: Over 40 points Gold Standard: 35 - 40 points Silver Standard:28 – 34 points Bronze Standard: 20 – 27 points

32 ESP Achievement in Chapter Membership Recognizes growth in membership, including new annual and life members. Recognizes retention of current annual members. Encourages systematic efforts to inform all potential members about membership opportunities.

33 MEMBERSHIP CAMPAIGN (0-25 points) Chapter has membership officer or committee. YES = 1 points Over 90% of membership dues for year paid by February 1. YES = 1 points Initiation ceremony held for new members. YES = 1 points Recognition for new Annual Members. Yes = 1 points Recognition for new Life Members. Yes = 1 points Evidence of a defined campaign for new members. 3 - 5 pages of documentation and up to 5 pages of supporting materials of the membership campaign

34 MEMBERSHIP RETENTION (0-25 points) Number of renewed/annual members this year. Number of renewed/annual members last year. Subtract b. from a. And then divide by b. to get percent change in one year Decrease = 0 points; score 5 points for each percent increase (maximum of 25 points)

35 MEMBERSHIP EXPANSION (0-25 points) Total membership this year. Total membership last year Subtract b. from a. Divide by b. to get percent change in one year Score: Decrease = 0 points; 5 points for each percent increase (maximum of 25 points)

36 LIFE MEMBERS (0 -25 points) Number of new eligible/potential life members = ________ Number of new potential life members recruited this year = _______ Subtract B from A = ______ = C. Divide C by B = percent of eligible life members recruited. Score: No new life members = 0; 5 points for each percent increase (maximum of 25 points)

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