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K216 Applied Social Work Practice Debbie Winter– Module Tutor Alan Howe– Programme Tutor.

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1 K216 Applied Social Work Practice Debbie Winter– Module Tutor Alan Howe– Programme Tutor

2 K216 Introductory Workshop Objectives Students to be familiar with: –the structure of the OU SW degree –how learning will be assessed –roles and responsibilities –own role and responsibilities –contribution workshops make to own learning

3 presentation outline K216 - course overview key roles practice learning opportunities K216 academic course materials overview

4 components of good practice national incorporates: knowledge skills values & ethics the social work process

5 The Social Work Process Assessment, information gathering with service user/stakeholders Analysis, prioritising with service user/stakeholders Planning with service user/stakeholders Implementation with service user/stakeholders Monitoring with service user/stakeholders Evaluation with service user/stakeholders

6 6 England Level 1 K101 K113/KYJ113 Level 2 K216 K270 Level 3 K315 Option course Key Practice learning course

7 Social Work Degree Programme Aim of K216 to build on K101 and K113, making students aware of the knowledge and practice requirements of social work Students apply their learning over a period of 100 days in a practice placement Students demonstrate and provide evidence that they can perform 6 Key Roles of NOS In addition, provide evidence that they can work within the value and ethical base required by the GSCC Code of Practice for Social Work

8 NOS – Key roles for practice national occupational standards 1.preparation for assessment of need 2.plan, intervene, review and evaluate practice, representation and advocacy 4.assess and manage risk 5.manage and be accountable 6.develop professional knowledge, values and competence

9 practice learning opportunity 100 days assessment based on national occupational standards. includes series of practice workshops linking practice and academic - working with other OU K216 students

10 the practice team 1.student 2.workplace supervisor 3.practice assessor 4.programme tutor

11 Roles and Responsibilities Student –is responsible for their own learning, acting ethically and for ensuring that they are familiar with and applying the National Occupational Standards to their learning. –they are guided and supported in this by the module tutor and the practice learning team

12 Roles and Responsibilities Workplace Supervisor –located in same office or nearby to student’s practice –take responsibility for day to day direction and supervision –aware of NOS –contribute to PA’s report

13 Roles and Responsibilities Practice Assessor –managing quality of PL opportunity –educating the student –supporting, emotionally and intellectually –assessing student’s ability to practice

14 Roles and Responsibilities Programme Tutor –is responsible for ensuring that the requirements of the OU degree programme are met within the practice learning opportunity and that it provides the student with sufficient opportunity to meet the National Occupations Standards

15 Practice Learning Opportunities The PLO must meet the Department of Health requirements for social work training i.e. it must provide sufficient opportunity for the student to demonstrate that they have met the National Occupational Standards for Social Work. All students must have experience of social work tasks which involve legal interventions but these can be met in a range of organisations, not just statutory ones. A ‘statutory’ task is one which a social worker must or has the power to do as a result of legislation.

16 PLO continued The two 100 day PLOs must contrast with each other, i.e. must be with a substantially different service user group. 1 of the PLOs must be in a different setting from the one in which the student is usually employed. Minimum of one and a half hour’s individual supervision with their PA or WS every week At least 4 Direct Observations (2 before mid point review) and 3 of these must be completed by the PA. At least 3 Direct Observations to have service user/carer present and their feedback included.

17 Records of Practice section 4.2 PL Guide Minimum of 6 needed 1 must be on values 4 of these are included in Practice Assessor’s report to panel 2 needed by mid point review Provide evidence of meeting NOS and values Maximum 1000 word Should include academic references Must be anonymised

18 proformas in practice 1.assessed practice information (SWD3) 2.practice learning agreement (SWD4) 3.mid-point review (SWD11) 4.end of practice learning review (SWD14) 5.practice assessor’s report (SWD5) 6.Source - K216 website, Resources, Practice Management, Practice Assessment Forms

19 Source of Forms

20 K216 content academic Block 1 – working with needs and risks Block 2 – working with groups and networks Block 3 – working with communities and diversity 1.needs and risks of harm 2.responses to crisis needs 3.developmental needs 4.working with the family as a group 5.working with groups – issues 6.groups – skills and strategies 7.engaging support networks 8.working collaboratively 9.working with cultural difference 10.communities in need 11.supporting people in the community 12.the community in care settings

21 K216 content academic Block 1 – working with needs and risks Study units: needs and risks of harm responses to crisis needs developmental needs working with the family as a group

22 K216 content academic Block 2 – working with groups and networks Study units: working with groups – issues groups – skills and strategies engaging support networks working collaboratively

23 K216 content academic Block 3 – working with communities and diversity Study units: working with cultural difference communities in need supporting people in the community the community in care settings

24 K216 course materials

25 Xx xx i ncludes: Tutor Home student’s course record TMA scores course materials (electronic) links to on-line forums K216 course website

26 on-line forums For students regional forums tutor group forums For tutors associate lecturer forums workshop planning forum programme tutor forums

27 assessment of the student 3 tutor marked assignments (TMAs) submitted electronically end of course assignment (ECA) records of practice iCMAs (ICT skills)

28 child development example of multimedia content

29 working with groups example of multimedia content

30 working with UASC – support worker example of multimedia content

31 working with UASC – social worker example of multimedia content

32 the community in care settings example of multimedia content


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