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UKPHR Practitioner Registration East of England Public Health Practitioner Registration Scheme LAUNCH EVENT 5 th December 2014.

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1 UKPHR Practitioner Registration East of England Public Health Practitioner Registration Scheme LAUNCH EVENT 5 th December 2014

2  Programme  KEY DATES  Application form for Practitioners  Self Assessment form for Practitioners – Standards and Indicators for Practitioner Registration  Expression of Interest Form for Verifiers  Expression of Interest Form for Assessors  Practitioner Pathway from the Framework and Guidance  Eligibility and career pathway  Evaluation Form

3 Origins of the standards/indicators  In 2006 the 4 UK Health Departments commissioned UKPHR to scope a regulatory framework for practitioners. Launched 2010/11  There are 4 Areas, 12 Standards: 40 Indicators, and 8 sub-indicators – all indicators have to be demonstrated once  Source document - Public Health Skills and Careers Framework (now the PH Skills and Knowledge Framework PHSKF)  NHS Knowledge and Skills Framework (KSF) and National Occupational Standards (NOS) for Public Health and Health Protection  Two rounds of extensive consultation, involved experts from a range of backgrounds, and fully supported by the Faculty of Public Health (FPH), RSPH and others

4 Role of the UKPHR/Schemes  The UKPHR upholds the standards, and maintains a register (LIST) of individuals who have successfully demonstrated their competence against those standards – professional registration for practitioners in PH  The UKPHR is a voluntary REGULATOR for PH professionals. It regulates the workforce against the agreed standards, providing a Code of Conduct and specifying CPD requirements  The local SCHEME provides a framework of development and support for practitioners – to enable them to meet and demonstrate the practitioner standards. The SCHEME coordinates the assessment of practitioners, and the verification of these assessments – by building local capacity in the workforce of UKPHR trained assessors and verifiers, and ensuring that UKPHR processes for registration are followed

5 1. Apply to join the scheme with manager’s endorsement 2. Sign up to the available support systems eg: Learning Sets or Portfolio Development Groups 3. Identify 3 or 4 areas of work that you will present in your portfolio (commentaries) 4. Map your work against the standards and start writing and collecting evidence 5. Apply for an assessor with 1 completed commentary 6. Respond to assessment and submit further commentaries until evidence for all standards accepted 7. Submit Portfolio to the local verification panel 8. Portfolio submitted to the national registration panel START Develop portfolio (up to 12 months) Apply for assessor* Submit within 12 months of *





10  To be working at level 5, 6 or 7 (the level of autonomous practice), on the Public Health Skills and Knowledge Framework. You will need sufficient experience to provide evidence for a retrospective portfolio (eg: up to 2 years)  Commitment from line manager/employer sponsor  Signed commitment to submit a completed portfolio for verification within 24 months of joining the programme  Recommended to have attended, within the past 12 months, a UKPHR ‘Introductory Day to Practitioner Registration’

11  ASSESSOR (assessment of evidence):  Sufficiently experienced to be able to assess the evidence (eg: advanced practitioner/specialist/Phase 3-ST5 trainee). Registration not required.  VERIFIERS (independent scrutiny):  A registered PH specialist with the GMC, GDC or UKPHR, in good standing, in a consultant or senior specialist post for at least 3 years BOTH: To have attended the mandatory training To be thoroughly conversant with the standards To be able to maintain impartiality in the role To be able and willing to give the necessary TIME To provide appropriate references and evidence of CPD

12 Time Commitments  Practitioners – 4/5 training days per year, one week per commentary (highly variable)  Assessors - two portfolios a year. Usually 2 – 4 hours to assess a commentary. 1.5 days initial training, 2x half day workshops per year  Verifiers – half day initial training, 2-3 verification panels per year, 1-2 half day workshops per year

13  Engaging with workers from other boroughs and organisations across the region/scheme area  Discussing public health practice and reflecting on activity with these other workers – sometimes with ideas for service improvement or useful contacts  Better understanding of practitioner competencies across the PH workforce and within departments  Embedded in local workforce development networks and programmes leading to other opportunities  Robust framework for peer review and appraisal

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