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The AVID Program Welcome to the Samuel Jackman AVID Family!

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2 The AVID Program Welcome to the Samuel Jackman AVID Family!

3 The Mission of AVID AVID’s mission is to close the achievement gap by preparing all students for college readiness and success in a global society.

4 What does AVID stand for? A= Advancement V= Via (by way of) I= Individual D= Determination

5 Advancement AVID strives for academic success Our goal is for students to –Gain confidence to be in more challenging classes – ultimately, AP –Enroll and be successful in Honors and AP class (es) The AVID class supports student success –Binder checks, grade checks, academic skills, WICR, Cornell Notes –group Tutorials to help with subject difficulties

6 Via Individual Accountability –STUDENTS are accountable for their actions Responsibility –STUDENTS are responsible for their future and their decisions Organization –STUDENTS learn and apply time management skills Communications –STUDENTS develop strong communications skills

7 Determination Determination = Will You have to WANT something to make it happen We want our students to be determined to succeed We want our students determined to excel in their education and in their career We want our students to take control of their education and their future

8 AVID Is… A class to help you succeed academically A class that helps you with your study skills & time management A class that supports academically average students to be placed in, and successful in advanced classes A college EDUCATION program Tutorials to help you understand what you aren’t able to A FAMILY!

9 What Do I Learn in AVID? 7 th Grade Year Introduction to AVID and its methodologies How to take Cornell Notes How to manage your time Effective methods of communication with teachers & administration WICR Levels of Questions/Questioning Skills Tutorials Academic Vocabulary Test taking Strategies College and Career Information

10 What Do I Learn in AVID? 8 th grade Year Review of 7 th grade topics (Cornell notes, levels of questions, academic vocabulary, etc.) How to take the PSAT How to start your college selection process Continue WICR, Tutorials, binder evaluations and grade checks

11 What Do I Learn in AVID? In High School Total emphasis on College & Careers How to apply to colleges The Interview Process How to take the SAT & ACT What to look for in a college or university Financial Aid & Scholarships How to maintain academic success in your post-secondary education Complete college applications and financial aid forms

12 Anything Else…? Throughout all four years… –You will attend college fairs –Visit colleges & universities –Receive information from guest speakers who will help you with your road ahead –Have total support from your peers, teachers, and parents

13 Things You Should Know… AVID is a privilege… –If for some reason you cannot… Maintain a 2.0 GPA or higher… Come to school on a regular basis Go through the year without any disciplinary actions… You will be de-selected from the program!

14 AVID is a Group Effort Parent Workshops are held to keep your parents “in the loop” as to what is happening in AVID & at Jackman. Most of your teachers will be from the AVID site team who are trained in teaching AVID methodologies You are asked to communicate with your parents & teachers so we can help you succeed any way we can!

15 The Benefits of Being in the AVID family… Teachers who are here to make sure you are achieving Tutors who are available two days a week to help you Constant notice of your grades and progress made in classes Being seen as a role model by your peers Making lasting friendships

16 Why Are You Here? You were chosen by teachers in your school They felt that you possess the potential to succeed You are a strong-willed individual who is determined to excel You are someone who people could see as a role model or inspiration

17 If more than one of those describes you..then AVID is for you!

18 Any questions?

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