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FP 6- Thematic Priority 4 Aeronautics & Space Joseph Prieur - Aeronautics DG Research- Space &Transport.

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1 FP 6- Thematic Priority 4 Aeronautics & Space Joseph Prieur - Aeronautics DG Research- Space &Transport

2 Bordeaux - FP6 General -J.Prieur -Jan. 20032 The European Research Area è “Lisbon 2000”: become the most competitive and dynamic knowledge-based economy in the world by 2010… è “Towards a European Research Area” è “Barcelona 2002” l..increase R&TD investment towards 3% of GDP by 2010

3 Bordeaux - FP6 General -J.Prieur -Jan. 20033 Why a European Research Area? è Today: European Research = 15+1 (15 MS+EU) è EU enlargement Thus è Need to improve spending of scarce resources è Need to organise research better è Need to move to a real European research policy

4 Bordeaux - FP6 General -J.Prieur -Jan. 20034 EU Candidate countries: Bulgaria Cyprus Estonia Hungary Latvia Lithuania Malta Poland Czech Republic Romania Slovenia Slovakia Associated Countries: Island Israel Norway Switzerland Turkey Participation in EU Research

5 Bordeaux - FP6 General -J.Prieur -Jan. 20035 Making ERA a reality è Elaborating a research policy beyond the 15+1 approach l Optimise resources and facilities at european level l More co-ordinated use of public resources and instruments l More dynamic private investment l Bring public and private research closer l Improve exploitation of research results and capacities l A dynamic European landscape open and attractive to researchers and investment è Increase RTD spending to 3% of GDP by 2010

6 Bordeaux - FP6 General -J.Prieur -Jan. 20036 European Research Intensity Japan: 2.85 USA: 2.75 EU-15: 1.89 R&D expenditure as a % of GDP

7 Bordeaux - FP6 General -J.Prieur -Jan. 20037 European Research Human Resources Number of researchers in firms per 1000 labour force

8 Bordeaux - FP6 General -J.Prieur -Jan. 20038 Research in European Budget European Commission Budget 1998 5th Framework Programme (1998-2002) Reserve 1% R&TD 4% Structural Funds 35% Agriculture 49% External Policies 6% Administration 3% Internal Policies 2%

9 Bordeaux - FP6 General -J.Prieur -Jan. 20039 FP6 - Towards the European Research Area è The European Research Area (ERA) l A blueprint for the future of research in Europe l Broad support at the highest political, scientific and industrial level l Currently being implemented è The sixth framework programme (FP6) l instrumental in implementing the ERA l EUR 17.5 billion (3.9% of EU’s 2001 budget, ~ 6% of EU’s public civilian research budget)

10 Bordeaux - FP6 General -J.Prieur -Jan. 200310 FP6 adoption timetable è 21 February 2001 Commission proposal è 30 May 2001 Specific programmes è 14 November 2001 First reading at EP è 10 December 2001 Political agreement at Council è 28 January 2002 Common position at Council è 15 May 2002 2nd reading and approval at EP è 3 June 2002 Adoption è November 2002 Launch conference è 17 December 2002 First call for proposal published

11 Bordeaux - FP6 General -J.Prieur -Jan. 200311 FP6 - (2002-2006) è Three major principles: l Concentration on 7 selected priority areas l Structuring effect on research activities l Simplified and streamlined implementation è Overall Budget: EUR 17.5 billion (+17% nominal, +8.8% real, over FP5 budget) l 16 270 Mio Euros for EC l 1 230 Mio Euros for EURATOM

12 Bordeaux - FP6 General -J.Prieur -Jan. 200312 FP6 organised around 3 blocs of actions è Focusing and Integrating Community Research13345 l 7 thematic priorities (11285) l other activities including specific measures for SMEs (1300) l non nuclear part of JRC activities (760) è Structuring the ERA 2605 è Strengthening the foundations of the ERA 320

13 Bordeaux - FP6 General -J.Prieur -Jan. 200313 7+1 thematic priorities in FP6 è Life science, genomics and biotechnology for health 2255 è Information society technologies3625 è Nanotechnologies and nanosciences, knowledge based multifunctional materials … 1300 è Aeronautics and space 1075 è Food quality and safety 685 è Sustainable development…2120 è Citizens and governance … 225 è (Specific activities…)(1300)

14 Bordeaux - FP6 General -J.Prieur -Jan. 200314 FP6: Eight Thematic Priorities

15 Bordeaux - FP6 General -J.Prieur -Jan. 200315 SMEs in FP6 è 430 Mio EURO allocated for Co-operative research (ex-CRAFT) and Collective research è Political will to allocate 15% of thematic priorities budget to SMEs è Due to limited specific budget (430 M€), SMEs are encouraged to participate in non SME specific projects (IP, NoE, STREP….)

16 Bordeaux - FP6 General -J.Prieur -Jan. 200316 Specific Measures for SMEs in FP6 è Co-operative research activities (ex-CRAFT) research carried out by research centres for SMEs in different EU countries on themes of common interest, or by high-tech SMEs in collaboration with research centres or universities è Collective research activities large-scale medium-term research carried out by research centres for industrial associations or groupings in entire sectors of industry dominated by SMEs at European level

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