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Preparing a Personalized Cover Letter and Resume.

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1 Preparing a Personalized Cover Letter and Resume

2 Agenda Business Career Services – who we are, what we do Your Cover Letter as a Page Turner Your Resume as Your Marketing Tool Q & A

3 Business Career Services Our mission is to be the vital link between the business community and the School of Business in providing employment opportunities for all students within the faculty; to deliver valuable career counseling; to enhance job search skills with appropriate career management skills and tools Mock interview, document critique, resume scanning

4 Tutorial Outcomes Understand what employers want Identify your skill set Outline the purpose of the cover letter and resume Understand how to prepare Personalizing your documents

5 What Employers Want – Top Ten 1. Interpersonal Skills 2. Communication Skills 3. Energy 4. Problem-Solving Ability 5. Direction – know where you’re going 6. Leadership / Organizational Ability 7. Persistence 8. Initiative 9. Independence SOFT SKILLS HARD SKILLS 10. Task Orientation

6 Purpose of Cover Letter & Resume A sales brochure – an honest depiction of YOU Identify you the worker through “transferable skills” Identify you the person through other activities Focus on the needs of the employer and how you are qualified to meet those needs Present your written communication skills – flawless grammar, no typos or spelling mistakes

7 Before you Begin Identify the skill sets the employer is looking for Identify your skills through a “skills matrix” Do a self-assessment – identify values, interests, characteristics, vision Identify companies you would like to work / not work for.

8 Skills Matrix WORK SCHOOL OTHER Leadership Problem Solving Teamwork Initiative Creativity Communication

9 Personalize Understand what skill sets the employer is looking for. Highlight these skills in both your cover letter and resume. Avoid “overselling” yourself. Each cover letter should be written specifically to that employer. Generic template letters are easy to spot. Tell an employer why you want to work for them, and what you can offer, not what they can do for you. Through SAR, provide examples of your skill sets

10 Do’s and Don'ts Do’s –Make sure your documents look clean and professional: White paper only Font: New Times Roman or Arial 11or 12 pt.; Headings 14 pt., your name 16 pt. –Tip – turn your paper upside down – more black than white? Too “busy” –Cover letter 1 page, resume 2 pages – no more! –Language positive, concise, action verbs

11 Don’ts –Provide any personal information such as height, weight, date of birth, marital status, photograph, etc. –Provide references – much further in the hiring process –Use acronyms, such as U of A, SoB, etc. Full name. –Use superlatives – the employer will decide if you are “excellent” or not –Use emotional words like, “I feel, I think, I believe,” etc. –Provide outdated information – your high school activities are not relevant at this stage of your career. Do’s and Don'ts

12 Sample Cover Letter  Opening – identify the position being applied for.  Body – Answer the questions: “Why are you interested in the position/company?” & “Why should they be interested in you and your skills?” Give ONE good example of a skill set they ask for (S-A-R).  Closing paragraph – indicate your desire to meet, and express your appreciation for their time spent considering your application. Leave contact information.  Either electronic signature or “via email”

13 Chronological order from most recent to past Headings, in order, should be –Education –Work Experience –Volunteer Experience –Awards / Scholarships –Interests –Go to Your Resume First page – you the student & worker Second page –you the person

14 This is Where You Want to Be

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