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Substance Relevance Results 1 Overview of Knowsys Strategic Business Offerings Executive Overview.

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1 Substance Relevance Results 1 Overview of Knowsys Strategic Business Offerings Executive Overview

2 Substance Relevance Results 2 AGENDA Introduction Service Offerings –Strategy Development and Execution –Program/Project Management Current/Recent Engagements Knowsys Value Proposition

3 Substance Relevance Results 3 Introduction Knowsys is a Strategic Management Consulting firm with a successful track-record of providing clients with targeted solutions to business and technology initiatives, since 1995. Clients are major financial services institutions, government, utilities and telco. With a proven track-record of over $3.2 Billion in Program Portfolio Management, our Senior Consultants deliver services centred on Program/Project Management, Strategic Planning and Organizational Effectiveness: –Strategy, Risk Management, and Technology Solutions –Governance/Board of Directors Due Diligence and Portfolio Management –Program/Project review and risk analysis –Technology Investment (Vendor) Due Diligence –Large scale Business Planning/Business Case Development –Management of large, complex and high-risk initiatives –RFP Preparation, Evaluation, Selection, Negotiation and Service Level Management –Evaluation and development and implementation of organizational effectiveness strategies

4 Substance Relevance Results 4 Our Answer to the Challenge - Constellation™ Framework Deliver superior Information Technology strategy and management consulting services to maximize clients’ business performance by integrating strategic change, process improvements and technology solutions. Knowsys achieves this by providing consultants who are seasoned executives that have successfully addressed these challenges and have in-depth industry sector experience. CONSTELLATION Account Management & Planning Product Management & Planning Engineering Planning Development & Management Operations Management & Planning Customer Service Management & Planning Finance Management & Planning Portfolio, Program & Project Management & Planning Governance Management & Planning

5 Substance Relevance Results 5 Constellation ™ Framework – Strategy/Process Improvement Value Proposition An IT organization’s applications are its products – and increasingly becoming the products and services of the company as a whole. But today's IT organizations are focused on technology projects. IT must stop thinking of themselves as factory workers on an assembly line, but as the engineers of technology-driven products and services. Hence we must go beyond a competency in delivering projects and become adept at defining, building and marketing IT-based products that both internal and external customers need. Description of Services Business Case Development/Review Account Management and Planning / Customer Relationship Management Product Management Program Management IT Strategy & Architecture Planning and Review IT Infrastructure Process Improvement (ITIL and CMM) Business/IT Strategy Integration and Execution

6 Substance Relevance Results 6 Constellation™ Framework – Strategy/Process Improvement –Service Management Framework for $1Billion Outsource Deal for Utility organization –Business Case Development for $80M Application Replacement Initiative in Retail Banking organization –Business Case review and communications strategy development for $50M systems replacement in the financial services sector –Development of Outsource Strategy and Evaluation Framework for major Canadian Financial Services organization –Development of Alliance Management Framework for large Canadian Financial Institution –Definition of roles and responsibilities, implementation plan and rollout of Relationship Management function –SDLC Tools, Templates and Process Development for large financial organization –Business Architecture for portal for Ontario Ministry –Business Case and benefits harvesting strategy for $200M financial systems implementation –Retail/Wealth Management e-delivery integration strategy for major Canadian financial services organization Sample Engagements

7 Substance Relevance Results 7 Constellation™ Framework – Program Planning/Management Value proposition An IT portfolio (program) is no different than an investment portfolio such as a mutual fund. We provide the processes, discipline, and metrics to manage the ROI of your IT investment portfolio. Team of senior practitioners with between 15 to 30 years program management track-record. Over $1.2 Billion in Programs/Projects successfully managed and delivered over the past five years. Description of services Program management advisory/mentoring services - industry best practices transfer Program/project management office set-up and management Performance measurement and executive information systems Program audit/review and risk management assessments Project management of systems integration, development, and infrastructure initiatives. Project management of mainframe, distributed, and web-based systems. Marketing and communications of savings/benefits management and business cases. Customer relationship management and product management strategies and planning. Return on Investment Internal & External Customer Satisfaction Performance Measurement Capability (ie. “Early Warning System”)

8 Substance Relevance Results 8 Constellation™ Framework Program Management and Project Management –Program Planning for $80M Branch Banking Application Replacement initiative –Project/Vendor Management within CIBC’s Desktop Transformation Program –Program Control Office Framework for major hydro retailer –Program Planning/Management of $15M CIBC’s Investor’s Edge Track One –Management of $25M e-Learning initiative for CIBC Human Resources –Program Planning of CIBC’s Treasury Balance and Risk Management System –Program Management Office implementation and management of $20M e- business infrastructure initiative for Ontario Government –Management of $24M TD Waterhouse Web-Broker 4.0 revamp initiative –Program Management of $150M TD Waterhouse Call Centre Integration initiative –Interim Management of CIBC’s Mortgage Development Technology Portfolio –Service Level Management Framework between Intria Items Inc. and Amicus re – Schedule 2 bank requirements Sample Engagements

9 Substance Relevance Results 9 Knowsys Strengths Commitment and partnership Reducing clients risk in successfully deploying technology and program management Demonstrated track record Financial services, Telecommunications, Utilities and Government sector expertise & experience Knowledge transfer in Technology Management, IT Services, Program Management and Electronic Service Delivery solutions

10 Substance Relevance Results 10 Knowsys Value Proposition – Why Knowsys? Why Knowsys? Knowsys is committed to providing our clients with customer centric, vendor agnostic expertise at a level equal or superior to that of the large consulting firms at a significantly lower cost to our clients. We strive to create and implement practical solutions to business and technology problems. Track Record Combined program and project management expertise of over $1.2 Billion in the implementation of technology and business process improvements on a large/enterprise-wide scale. Integration of business and technology strategy, strategic planning, product management, business planning, customer relationship management and delivery. Our clients ask us back time and again to assist them in addressing their business and/or technology challenges. People Concentration of senior IT management expertise within one team. Minimum of 15+ years experience. Senior management experience with the financial services, government, and telecom industry. Partner Level Expertise at a fraction of the cost Vendor neutral/client driven approach Practical, solutions to business problems Demonstrated Track Record

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