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E-Learning, Human Capital Management and the Banking Sector Dimitris Baltas, ATC ROM.

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1 E-Learning, Human Capital Management and the Banking Sector Dimitris Baltas, ATC ROM

2 Overview e-Learning and human capital management Who we are, ATC ROM and SABA What are the challenges in banking What HDMS can offer as a solution

3 Just what is e-Learning? Learning-whether it is “traditional” or e-learning-occurs through many combinations and permutations of –distribution methods (how the content is delivered), –presentation methods (how the content is formatted), and –instructional methods (how the content is taught). e-learning is defined broadly as “anything delivered, enabled, or mediated by electronic technology for the explicit purposes of learning.”

4 And how we see e-learning in context? Corporate Human Capital Development & Management The concept: ‘share and diffuse information, best practices, corporate knowledge and expertise across the organization in a structured and efficiently managed way’ HCDM supports: –Capturing and organizing corporate knowledge –Defining and managing corporate knowledge development goals and performance plans –Training/Learning management (on-line and in-the-classroom) Allow access to learning content Utilize collaboration tools and certification programs to ensure execution of goals

5 Internet Content Management Learning Management Performance Management Resource Management Collaboration Training Administration Knowledge Management Collaboration HCDM

6 Who we are - ATC ROM and SABA

7 ATC ROM – Brief overview Founded in December 2000 in Romania Subsidiary of ATC S.A, Greece Banking & FSI department provides leading I.T. solutions for of the Financial Services Industry operations –Retail & Wholesale Core Banking solutions –Risk and Compliance (AML, KYC) –Card Management Solutions –ERP –HDMS/LMS –Delivery Channels Integration

8 Knowledge Management Consulting ATC has established a dedicated Business Unit to provide mature and fully integrated solutions in –E-Learning –On-line Collaboration –Learning Management –Human Capital Development and Management

9 Partnering with international leaders Premier Human Capital Management (HCM) software and services provider, using a people-centric approach to increase productivity and performance World-class on-line publishing technologies and services that enable the creation, distribution, and management of multimedia e-learning content

10 SABA – The Premier Human Capital Management Provider Founded in 1997 Traded in the NASDAQ: SABA Enterprise class software and services for Human Capital Management More than 15 million users 1,100 Customers in 31 countries Strategic global partners including IBM, Deloitte Consulting, Tata Consulting and Convergys 51% of the Fortune 100 are using SABA solutions

11 SABA Leadership


13 SABA HCDM Architecture Saba Learning Suite: Enterprise Learning Management Solution Saba Performance Suite: align people’s activities with key organizational goals and establish performance review process. Saba Talent Suite: identifying, developing, tracking and managing future leaders. Saba Analytics complete business intelligence solutions including over 130 out-of-the-box reports for Learning and Performance. Saba Collaboration facilitates knowledge transfer and learning between individuals in conjunction with learning events and managing communities of practice.

14 What are the challenges in banking? Geographic dispersion - Continued network expansion Mergers and acquisitions The need for workforce reorganization Product portfolio expansion Changes in government regulations New reporting directives Compliance training

15 These challenges generate needs: A bank needs to: maximize the value of its ‘human capital’ optimize the development of its ‘human capital’ according to its corporate culture and business objectives: Strong need for employee training (and certifications) Need for employee competences management (assessment, monitoring etc) Need to associate training and learning to performance goals

16 How can we address these challenges? The HDMS is a sophisticated IT system to: Consolidate learning into an enterprise-wide LMS Define competencies for all roles within the organization Tie learning to performance goals Connect learning with career paths, create certification paths for all employees Introduce succession management Repurpose product-related learning into “knowledge packages” that people can access before customer interactions

17 What HDMS offers: HCDM supports effectively and efficiently the sharing of information, best practices, knowledge, content and expertise all across the company eco-system (customers, partners, employees and suppliers) Users can access formal and informal learning content, manage goals and performance plans, share position descriptions and utilize collaboration tools and certification programs to ensure execution of business goals.

18 An integrated HCDM solution allows to Improve employee readiness to meet line of business objectives Measure the skills and performance of employees consistently across the organization Improve tracking of talent and employee accountability Improve employee retention and decrease overall costs of recruiting, hiring and training

19 An integrated HCDM solution allows to Measurably improve customer satisfaction and profitability Better align between individual targets and corporate strategies Increase sales output from employees who completed new product training 100% more learning delivered with the same cost structure

20 Benefits of an HCDM solution in practice Complete all training for compliance (e.g. with a new law) in half the time allowed 80% less time spent out of the office training 50% reductions in administrative time Materialize expected savings from automating performance reviews Streamline business processes for compliance with regulations

21 Thank you for your attention!

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