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Sapient Insurance Partners. Overview & Services We have almost four decades of combined experience in the property & casualty insurance and reinsurance.

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1 Sapient Insurance Partners

2 Overview & Services We have almost four decades of combined experience in the property & casualty insurance and reinsurance industries. Our expertise in developing sound risk-management strategies and our insight into industry changes make our insurance property and casualty practice uniquely specialized. Sapient’s consultants offer in-depth knowledge of the marketplace, supported by the most current research and years of real world industry experience. The solutions we develop are practical and customized for your organization. Whether it's strategic financial planning, asset and liability management, support for mergers and acquisitions, or operational underwriting and claims reviews we offer a trusted source of independent thinking. ❑ Business & Market Analysis ❑ Claims Consulting ❑ Feasibility Studies ❑ Financial Consulting ❑ Reinsurance Strategy & Analysis ❑ Risk Advisory Services ❑ Strategic & Operational Reviews ❑ Underwriting Reviews

3 Business, Market, & Strategic Analysis Sapient’s market analysis services include the analysis of trends in the property & casualty insurance market and the impact of industry events and developments. A SWOT analysis is a useful technique for understanding a company's Strengths and Weaknesses, and for identifying both its Opportunities and the Threats it may face. Claims Consulting Sapient’s claims consultants bring decades of claims management and consulting experience to evaluating our clients’ claims operations. Our services combine technical assessments of claims handling with broader management concerns. We generate recommendations that address the entire scope of our client’s policies and practices. In particular, our consulting helps clients, lower loss and loss adjustment expense costs through increased efficiency and implementation of best claims handling practices.

4 Feasibility Studies Sapient offers objective analysis of the feasibility of creating or expanding an insurance operation. We closely examine your organization and provide an honest assessment of how to best deal with market opportunities. Financial Consulting Sapient’s consultants have extensive experience in finance and accounting, with an emphasis on corporate finance, private equity, credit analysis, and financial planning & analysis. Our financial consulting services include strategic and operational planning, mergers and acquisition analysis, capital management, and financial modeling. Reinsurance Strategy & Analysis Companies in today’s reinsurance market demand strong support and advice from their consultants. Sapient’s senior staff offer years of experience in the global reinsurance market in both technical and line positions designing, marketing and underwriting complex reinsurance structures. With extensive market contacts, state-of-the-art stochastic tools that measure the distribution of potential outcomes and years of experience working in senior management capacities at global reinsurance companies we can assist clients with risk transfer analyses, efficient program design, and transaction analyses.

5 Risk Advisory Services Sapient’s consultants use enterprise risk management practices to help companies identify, evaluate, and manage their operational and strategic risks. Strategic & Operational Reviews ❖ Underwriting Review ❖ Claims Review ❖ Financial and Accounting Review

6 Underwriting Reviews Our underwriting consultants have multiple decades of experience as technical underwriters, risk experts, managers, and executives, and relate to the needs of our clients. We pursue practical solutions, and quantify the financial as well as operational effects of our recommendations. We stress test our recommendations by asking probing questions and work with the company’s senior underwriting management to explore answers and alternatives. Points of exploration include: ❖ Are underwriting policies, practices, and controls in synch with existing underwriting strategies? What are the opportunities for improvement? What modifications will safely expand business segments or improve your competitive position? ❖ Does proper underwriting due diligence precede individual risk selection and pricing? Are the risks selected appropriate for the class and priced in relation to expected losses?

7 ❖ Are reinsurance programs properly designed and managed and in line with risk mitigation strategies? ❖ If the company is using independent proprietary forms, have they been properly evaluated? We strive to enhance the underwriting operations and effectiveness of our client companies through independent assessment. We recognize that the needs of each client are unique and tailor our solutions and recommendations to be practical.

8 Transaction Audits A transactional audit plays an important role in the reinsurance underwriting process, providing reliability to the numbers being assessed and analyzed. The purpose is to verify that the proper business is being ceded and that the appropriate premium and losses are also being ceded. This review benefits both the ceding company and the reinsurer, since both entities make business decisions based on audited numbers.

9 Contact Us Edward Williams (215) 760-9282 Byron Wilson (609) 234-5487

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