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Social Learning Theory

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1 Social Learning Theory
D.S.Junglas Ms.Swash

2 What are norms? Set of rules (culturally and socially shared beliefs)
Determine how people should behave If broken, creates a change in society

3 Social Learning Theory (SLT)
Proposed by Albert Bandura “humans learn behaviour through the environment, but most specifically through observational learning” People learn by watching others (models) and recreate their behaviours E.g. Children learn from their parents by watching them and imitating their actions

4 Components of SLT Modelling occurs
Media Parents Teachers Peers Models act as “indirect models”, have no intention of influencing behaviour

5 How we learn Classical conditioning Operant conditioning
Learning through association Operant conditioning Learning through rewards & punishment Observational learning Learning through observation

6 How does SLT work? Consists of 4 factors (ARRM): Attention Retention
Motor reproduction Motivation

7 Bandura (1961) Bobo Doll Experiment

8 Aims Experimental investigation on learning aggression from a model
Aim A: If children would imitate aggression after observing an adult model Aim B: If children would imitate same-sex models

9 Method 36 girls, 36 boys (76 total) Ages 3-6 (mean age 4.4)
3 groups based on parental aggression evaluation Group 1: Adult model imitating aggression towards bobo doll Group 2: Adult model assembling toys Group 3: Control Divided again into same-sex models and opposite-sex models

10 Laboratory set up as playroom containing bobo doll
Participants watched their model Then, participants were taken to a room where they weren’t allowed to play with any toys After that, participants were brought to a room where they could play with the toys (20 min) Participants observed through a one-way mirror

11 Results The group who watched the aggressive model were more aggressive in their behaviour towards the bobo doll Children more likely to copy same-sex models Boys overall more aggressive

12 Discussion Supports SLT – aggression can be observationally learnt through models However, experiment is low in ecological value so not all children exposed to violence will behave the same way

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