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Language and Communication Language Nonhuman Primate Communication Nonverbal Communication.

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1 Language and Communication Language Nonhuman Primate Communication Nonverbal Communication

2  Primary means of communication  Transmitted through learning  Associations between words and what they stand for  Past and future Language

3  Call Systems  Natural communication systems of other primates  Only humans can speak  Sign language  Recent experiments have shown that apes can learn true language  Nonhuman primates have shown the capacity for cultural transmission  Linguistic displacement Nonhuman Primate Communication

4  Kinesics- the study of communication through body movements, stances, gestures, and facial expressions  Influenced by culture  Prevalence and meaning vary cross- culturally  Communicate social differences Nonverbal Communication

5 a)Communicates b)Uses signs and symbols c)Expresses an infinite number of ideas d)Has rules e)Can indicate time and space Language includes the following abilities:

6  Chomsky- the human brain contains a limited set of rules (universal grammar) for organizing language  All humans have similar linguistic abilities  Creole language  The Sapir-Whorf Hypothesis  Argued that the grammatical categories of particular languages lead their speakers to think about things in a different way  Languages may shape though, but not restrict it Language, Thought, and Culture

7  Lexicon influences perception  Specialized set of terms and distinctions that are particularly important to certain groups  Changes most readily  Changes in culture produce changes in language and thought  Semantics  Crash can mean auto accident, a drop in the Stock Market, to attend a party without being invited, ocean waves hitting the shore or the sound of a cymbals being struck together Focal Vocabulary

8 Focal Vocabulary for Hockey Insiders have special terms for the major elements of the game Elements of HockeyInsiders’ Term PuckBiscuit Goal/netPipes Penalty boxSin bin Hockey stickTwig HelmetBucket Space between a goalie’s leg padsFive holes Focal Vocabulary

9  How do different speakers use a given language?  How do linguistic differences correlate with social diversity and class, ethnic, and gender differences?  How is language used to express, reinforce, or resist power?  Linguistic change occurs in society  When ways of speaking are associate with social factors, they are imitated and they spread Sociolinguistics

10 Linguistic Diversity within Nations

11  Men and women tend to differ in the phonology, grammar, and vocabulary they use  Women- Oh dear, Oh fudge, Goodness!  Men- Hell and Damn  Female adjectives- adorable, charming, sweet, cute, lovely, divine, fabulous  Describe the color Gender Speech Contrasts

12 Describe what you see…

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