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How Much do you know about Canada EH?

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1 How Much do you know about Canada EH?
CANADIAN TRIVIA How Much do you know about Canada EH?

2 Canada has what percentage of the world’s forests?
B) 10 % C) 80% D) 30%

3 Which of the following is a constitutional responsibility of the governor general of Canada?
A) To head the Canadian Military B) To ensure that Canada has a prime minister and a government in place that has the confidence of parliament C) To provide leadership and direction to the government with support of a cabinent D) To verify all changes to the Canadian Constitution Act

4 Canada’s army is offically called Land Force Command
Canada’s army is offically called Land Force Command. When was the name “Canadian Army” abolished? A) 1960 B) 1965 C) 1968 D) 1970

5 The name “Canada” comes from the Iroquois word ‘Kanata’ which means what in English?
A) Maple leaf B) Land of the Free C) Coast D) Village

6 _______fulfill the responsibilies and functions of the Queen in the provinces in the same way that the Governor General does at the national level A) Senators B) Members of Parliament C) Lieutenant-Governors D) Premiers

7 What challenge did Louis Riel pose to Canada?
A) He opposed confederation B) He led two armed uprisings that jeopardized canada’s expansion from sea to sea C) He allied himself to Russia D) He became an American Citizen

8 The Canadian Flag is composed of which colours?
A) Red/White/Blue B) Red/Black C) Red/Blue/ Green D) Red / White

9 Which Canadian imagined the idea for the first telephone at his summer house in canada?
A) Thomas Edison B) Alexander Graham Bell C) Mathew Evans D) Henry Woodward

10 In 1970, there was a major change to the Canadian federal election voting system. What was the change? A) Woman gained the right to vote B) Personal identification was needed C) The voting age was changed from 21 to 18 D) voting rights were extended to all inmates

11 Which Canadian province is the country's largest producer and exporter of maple syrup?
A) Ontario B) British Columbia C) Quebec D) New Brunswick

12 What is the oldest national park in Canada?
A) Glacier National Park B) Banff National Park C) Fundy National Park D) Highland National Park

13 The Queen is represented at the federal level in Canada on a day to day basis by the_______.
A) Senator B) Member of Parliament C) Governor General D) Premier

14 What is the only officially bilingual province in Canada?
A) Alberta B) Ontario C) Quebec D) New Brunswick

15 This historic Canadian figure is known as the first prime minister of the Dominion of Canada and is also featured on the $10 bill. A) Sir Wilfred Laurier B) Sir Robert Borden C) Sir John A MacDonald D) William Lyon Mackenzie King

16 The beaver was adopted centuries ago as the symbol of which of the following organizations?
A) Calgary Stampede B) Hudson’s Bay Company C) St. Jean Baptist church D) Manitoba Legislature

17 How many territories does Canada have in total?
B) 2 C) 3 D) 4

18 Who was the Queen at the time of Confederation?
A) ANNE B) Elizabeth I C) Victoria D) Elizabeth II

19 What is the most significant difference between Canadian football and American ?
A) Canadian football allows three downs instead of four B) Canadian football uses a bigger ball C) Canadian football is played on a bigger field D) all of the above

20 Which of the following is not a Canadian invention or discovery?
A) Basketball B) Telephone C) Insulin D) Refrigeration

21 ANSWERS 1) B 8) B 15) B 2) B 9) C 16) C 3) C 10) C 17) C
4) D 11) B ) D 5) C 12) C ) D 6) B 13) C 7) D ) C

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