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Canada © Markéta Čeřovská.

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1 Canada © Markéta Čeřovská


3 Introducing Canada How many and which are the official languages?
two: English and French What continent is Canada located at? America What´s the capital city? Ottawa What does the Canadian flag look like? What is the national sport? ice hockey


5 Aboriginal peoples of Canada
First Nations Inuit Métis

6 First Nations lived in all areas of Canada
fishing, hunting buffalo, growing vegetable


8 Inuit also called Eskimos lived in the north of Canada
hunting seals, whales, caribou and polar bears

9 Métis some of the French and English settlers married the First Nations women – their children are called Métis fur trade FUR TRADE = OBCHOD S KOŽEŠINAMI

10 Parts of Canada there´re 10 provinces and 3 territories
Provinces and their capital cities: British Columbia Victoria - Edmonton - Regina - Winnipeg - Toronto - Quebec - Fredericton - Halifax - St. John´s - Charlottetown Territories and their capital cities: - Whitehorse - Yellowknife Nunavut Igaluit

11 The regions of Canada THE ATLANTIC REGION Newfoundland
Prince Edward Island New Brunswick Nova Scotia - the first provinces discovered by the Europeans - home to many nationalities - important for: fishing, farming, forestry, mining, agriculture - an important tourist place

12 CENTRAL CANADA the Great Lakes region
more than ½ of Canadians live here - - the industrial and manufacturing heart of Canada Quebec more than ¾ speak French as their 1st language forestry, energy, mining, hydroelectricity, farming source of freshwater Ontario about 1/3 of all Canadians live here, bilingual powerful economy, production of cars, machinery, plastic and chemical products, food, farming the local mines are the biggest producers of metals in Canada

13 THE PRAIRIE PROVINCES THE WEST COAST Manitoba Saskatchewan Alberta
the best farm land – farming, agriculture service industries, machinery, transportation equipment, clothing etc. rich in energy resources – oil, natural gas THE WEST COAST British Columbia mountain ranges: e.g. the Rocky Mountains forestry, hydroelectricity, fishing, orchards a tourist area - Vancouver

14 Northwest territories Yukon Nunavut
THE NORTH Northwest territories Yukon Nunavut cover more than 1/3 of Canada a huge area but a small population Aboriginal peoples natural resources: mining, oil, gas aboriginal art "The Land of the Midnight Sun" Yukon – the coldest place (-63°C)


16 Famous places Quebec Calgary Vancouver

17 Niagara Falls state Ontario, CAN + state New York, USA

18 Government in Canada there´re 3 levels: FEDERAL GOVERNMENT
responsible for all Canada: national defence, foreign policy, citizenship etc. PROVINCIAL + TERRITORIAL GOVERNMENT takes care of: education, health care, highways MUNICIPAL GOVERNMENT (local)‏ operates in each city or community looks after: policing, fire fighting, snow removal, recycling

19 The Parliament of Canada
a democratic country, a constitution since 1982 no official British approval is needed for changes of the Constitution or laws the Queen Elizabeth II (the British Emperor)‏ represented by the Governor General The House of Commons (elected by voters, Members of Parliament)‏ The Senate (chosen by the Prime Minister and appointed by the Governor General)‏

20 Canadian Special Wayne Gretzky Sky Dome, Toronto Lacrosse Terry Fox

21 Michael J. Fox Mike Myers Bryan Adams Ogopogo Maple syrup

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