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Confederation Achieved

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1 Confederation Achieved
Confederation Achieved!! The Charlottetown, Quebec and London Conferences History #3

2 Confederation conferences…
“In 1864, two conferences were held that changed the course of history for the British North American colonies. They were the Charlottetown Conference and the Quebec Conference.” Flashback Canada, page 52

3 The Charlottetown Conference
On September 1, 1864, delegates from New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, and Prince Edward Island colonies meet to discuss a union (confederation) among themselves. NFLD does not attend The “Canadian” (Canada East and West) delegates have joined them but propose a wider union that includes Canada and the Maritime colonies. The delegates agree to meet again to discuss the Canadian delegation’s idea at another conference in Quebec City next month.

4 The Charlottetown Conference

5 The Charlottetown Conference

6 The Quebec Conference The politicians from all of the colonies, including NFLD, meet to discuss the idea of confederation between all of the colonies and to work out all of the details. Their plan becomes known as the “Seventy-Two Resolutions”. Some of the plan’s highlights include…

7 The Seventy-Two Resolutions
That there be a strong central government that dealt with issues that affected the whole country, like defence, trade and foreign affairs. Each province would look after its own affairs. The system of government would follow the British model and constitution and the head of government would be the King or Queen. The federal government would have an elected House of Commons and an appointed Legislative Assembly (Senate). Members in the House of Commons would be elected according to the principle of representation by population. NFLD, the Northwest Territories and British Columbia would be allowed to join the unions as terms were worked out.

8 The Quebec Conference conference

9 The Quebec Conference Harris (Group of Seven) Painting at Quebec Conference, 1867

10 The Quebec Conference

11 The London Conference Over the next two years, many discussions and debates have raged across the colonies arguing for and against Confederation. In the end, the people in Canada East, Canada West, Nova Scotia and New Brunswick have voted in favour of Confederation. But, the union is not official until the British Parliament approves it… 16 delegates from Canada went to Britain throughout the winter of to create legislation that the British Parliament would pass in order to allow Canada to be created. This was called the London Conference.

12 The London Conference

13 The Constitution Act, 1867 The British North America Act is passed by the British Parliament. When Queen Victoria signed the legislation on July 1, 1867, Canada was created!! The “Dominion of Canada” united the provinces of New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, and Quebec and Ontario.

14 Our Changing Flag… The Union Jack 1867-1945 The Red Ensign 1945-1965
The Maple Leaf present

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