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Medieval Europe.

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1 Medieval Europe

2 Collapse of the roman empire
Invasions by Arabs and Vikings led to economic troubles. Most of Europe would suffer economically, politically, and culturally for much of the Middle Ages. Without Rome’s organization, Eastern Europe fell apart. Unorganized Uneducated Poor No centralized government, each area took care of itself

3 Roman Catholic Church Only organized institution at this time
Hierarchy Pope Arch Bishop Bishop Priest People Everyone followed church rules Hersey – Speaking out against the church. Excommunication – Being kicked out of the church.

4 Feudalism A social, political, and economic system
Organized system at a local level Based on… Ownership of land Obligations between Lords and Vassals Social – Everyone had a permanent class (Nobles, Merchants, Peasants) Political – The Lord was the judge and jury (he was the government) Economic – Everyone got something through feudalism. Each person gave and received goods. Manoralism - all aspects of life were centered on the lord’s manor including peasant villages, a church, farm land, a mill, and the lord's castle or manor house.

5 Crusades Holy Wars fought between Christians and Muslims over Holy Lands (Jerusalem) Reasons why Church started the Crusades… Wanted to take back Holy Lands Got rid of quarrelsome knights Merchants profited through loans, leasing, and trade Reasons why people wanted to fight… Assured a place in heaven by Pope Wanted adventure Escaped feudalism Increased trade between Europe and Asia. Pope and Church power lessened, Kings power grew. Feudalism ended

6 The Black Death Also called the Black Plague and the Bubonic Plague
1/3 of the population of Europe died Began in Asia Plague was carried by fleas on rats that came to Europe on ships Had a significant negative impact on trade and society in Europe Production decreased and prices increased

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