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Song: The Eve of Destruction By Barry McGuire.

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1 Song: The Eve of Destruction By Barry McGuire

















18 Kennedy’s Cold War 1960-1965

19 Essential Question: How was war avoided during the Cuban Missile Crisis? Write slide down, except type in gray

20 Election of 1960 First televised presidential election debates


22 JFK Youngest elected President 1 st Catholic President Charismatic

23 Jacqueline Kennedy

24 “Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country.”

25 Kennedy’s Foreign Policy Cold War: Flexible Response Peace Corps – sent American volunteers to work for two years in developing countries. Alliance for Progress – economic aid to Latin America. Offered billions of dollars in aid to participating countries.

26 Race for 1 st Man in Space Yuri Gargarin Alan Shepard

27 Space Race Russian Victories: –Sputnik –1 st man in space Kennedy set goal to reach moon first


29 Bay of Pigs

30 Map of Cuba

31 Bay of Pigs During Eisenhower’s administration CIA developed plan for overthrowing Castro. CIA trained anti-Cuban refugees to invade Cuba. Invasion okayed by Kennedy 1500 rebels pinned down at Bay of Pigs Cuban military crushed invasion in 72 hrs and took 1200 prisoners. This made the United States look “like fools to our friends, rascals to our enemies, and incompetents to the rest.” American Journalist

32 Kennedy vs. Khrushchev

33 Kennedy and Khrushchev Berlin, Bay of Pigs, Missile Crisis (7 min.)

34 Berlin Wall Built to stop East Germans from fleeing CommunismBuilt to stop East Germans from fleeing Communism Force Americans Out of East BerlinForce Americans Out of East Berlin



37 Missiles of October 13 days in October 1962

38 Cuban Missile Crisis

39 CIA officials monitored Soviet arms buildup in Cuba. U-2 flights over island revealed ballistic- missile launching pads. 10/22 Kennedy appeared on television announced naval blockade Demanded Soviets remove missiles.

40 Executive Committee President Kennedy Secretary of State Rusk Secretary of Defense McNamara Asst. Sec. Paul Nitze Foreign Policy coordinator McGeorge Bundy A.G. Robert Kennedy Chairman Joint Chiefs of Staff General Maxwell Taylor V-P Lyndon Johnson Theodore Sorensen Director CIA John McCone

41 United Nations “Until Hell Freezes over”

42 Cuban Blockade/Quarantine Stalemate ended>Bobby Kennedy & Soviet Ambassador Dobrynin met. “We’re eyeball to eyeball,” said Secretary of State Dean Rusk, “and I think the other fellow just blinked.” On 10/28 Khrushchev agreed to dismantle missile bases in response to Kennedy’s promise not to invade Cuba. Kennedy secretly agreed to remove U.S. missiles from Turkey.


44 After Effects 1963 Limited Nuclear Test Ban Treaty Hot line – teletype line enabling leaders to communicate directly during crisis. Kennedy Visits Berlin

45 J.F.K. Assassinated L.B.J. Became President

46 Johnson v. Goldwater Election of 1964 centered on Cold War

47 Krushchev Expelled Brezhnev became Communist Party General Secretary

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