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Foreign and Domestic Issues Eisenhower and Kennedy.

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1 Foreign and Domestic Issues Eisenhower and Kennedy

2 Eisenhower Brinkmanship – United States would go to the “brink” of war to combat Communism. Nuclear Arms build up – Arms Race – Development of hydrogen bomb (H-bomb) – M.A.D. mutually assured destruction. Enough nuclear arms for total destruction. Sputnik – The Russians launched the first satellite in space.

3 Eisenhower Domino Theory – Foreign policy – Refers to communism; U.S. government believed that if one land in a region came under communism then the surrounding countries would follow. Peaceful coexistence – Theory developed by the Soviet Union used to coexist with capitalistic nations (example with U.S. and NATO). – Competition without war; a policy of peace between nations of differing political systems.

4 Eisenhower domestic issues Greater investment in education. Interstate Highway system – For ease of military movement. – Eisenhower came up with the idea from the German’s autobahn during WWII.

5 Kennedy’s (1961-1963) Foreign Policy Bay of Pigs -April 1961 - An army of Cuban exiles trained by the U.S. invaded Cuba to over throw the communist leader, Fidel Castro. - Cubans crushed the exiles, humiliating the U.S. Cuban Missile Crisis -October 1962 -Kennedy is faced with his greatest confrontation with the Soviets. -Castro asked for Soviet military aid. -The United States learned that the Soviets placed nuclear missiles in Cuba (these missiles could reach U.S. cities in minutes) -After 13 terrifying days, the Soviets agreed to remove the missiles from Cuba

6 Cuban Missile Crisis Oct 1962: 1.Spy plane (U2) photographs Nuclear Missile Sites in Cuba 2. President Kennedy announces it on television 3. Kennedy orders naval blockade around Cuba (quarantine) 4. Kennedy orders any ship trying to break the blockade sunk 5. Kennedy threatens nuclear missiles on the Soviet Union if the missiles in Cuba are not removed 6. Soviet Union backs down, missiles are removed Who will blink first…on the 8 th day Kennedy orders a blockade

7 Kennedy Space Program Space race “New Frontier” – Kennedy recognized that the Soviet Union was more advanced than the United States at the Space race. – The United States was forging ahead with space technology. – Kennedy announced the goal of landing a man on the moon in 1961 Goal was realized in 1969 with the Apollo moon landing.

8 Berlin Wall Soviet Union built a wall dividing East and West Berlin in Aug 1961 Families were separated Pres. Kennedy went to West Berlin to show support.

9 Ich Bin Ein Berliner

10 Start of the Vietnam War Military advisors and equipment is sent to South Vietnam to help the democratic South Vietnam fight the communist North Vietnam – Domino Theory: – The theory that if one country fell to communism, then neighboring countries would also fall to communism. – First used by President Eisenhower

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