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President John F. Kennedy The Kennedy Administration.

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1 President John F. Kennedy The Kennedy Administration

2 Election of 1960 John F. Kennedy (Dem) vs. Richard Nixon (Rep) 1 st televised debate Kennedy wins very close election Sen. Lyndon Johnson becomes Vice President


4 Foreign Policy The Bay of Pigs –Fidel Castro led communist revolution in Cuba –CIA planned an invasion of Cuba Recruited Cuban exiles as a military force –April 17, 1961 Cuban exiles land at the Bay of Pigs Cuban military captures and defeats the exiles President Kennedy took the blame for the failure of the operation

5 The Berlin Wall August 13, 1961 –East German government shuts down the border between East and West Berlin –Began construction of a wall which separated East Berlin from West Berlin The wall kept East Germans from escaping to the West

6 The Cuban Missile Crisis Oct. 13, 1961 Soviets move nuclear missiles to Cuba


8 The Cuban Missile Crisis Kennedy tells the Soviet Union to remove the missiles from Cuba and warns that any Soviet Ships going to Cuba will be stopped and searched Kennedy considers bombing missile sites or attacking Cuba

9 The Cuban Missile Crisis Soviet ships continued to head towards Cuba World was prepared for nuclear war At the last minute, the Soviets agreed to take the missiles out of Cuba

10 The Peace Corp Kennedy establishes the Peace Corp to help poor nations –This program was seen as a way to stop the spread of communism

11 The Space Race Kennedy set a goal of putting a man on the moon before 1970 –This was known as the Apollo Program –The goal was accomplished on July 20, 1969

12 Vietnam Kennedy sent the first troops into Vietnam –The first troops were military advisors sent to help South Vietnam fight communist insurgents

13 Domestic Issues The Civil Rights struggle continued through the early 60’s

14 Kennedy Assassinated Kennedy assassinated in Dallas, Texas on Nov. 22, 1963 Lyndon Johnson becomes President

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