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Mom’s Summer Guide Summer fun for your youngsters and sanity for you!

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2 Mom’s Summer Guide Summer fun for your youngsters and sanity for you!

3 Indoor and outdoor fun! Fun stuff indoors Get out of the house

4 Arts and Crafts Designate an “arts and crafts” time each day (preferably during the hottest part of the afternoon) Keep a good supply of inexpensive crafts on hand. Ex. Construction paper, glue, glitter, crayons, coloring books, chalk and paint Pick a spot for crafts and use the same space daily to keep things organized and uncluttered

5 Make it a party! You would be amazed at what can be accomplished when you make it a party! Instead of “watching a movie”, have a movie and popcorn party Instead of “lunchtime”, have a lunch party with an indoor picnic style lunch Instead of “bath time”, have a crazy bath party with colored bubble bath

6 Don’t forget some quiet time! Nap time anyone? For children who have outgrown those naps, book time is a great option! This is the opportunity for mom to get a nice break, read a magazine, have some coffee!

7 Don’t forget a play date! Plan ahead and set a date Invite your child’s friends over for lunch or dinner Play dates help your child to interact with other children and will allow you to catch up with great friends as well!

8 Keep it Clean! All that time indoors this summer can take it’s toll on your house! Have a daily clean-up time before dinner or bath time. Make it fun moms! Include some great motivational music!

9 What about the snacks!

10 Nature walk Great way to explore your area Let the kiddos pick which way to go Point out new plants and flowers along the way Bring water, snack, a magnifying glass and don’t forget the sunscreen!

11 Check out your city park! Nothing like a day at the park, and it’s free! Bring a lunch and have a picnic Bring plenty of water to stay hydrated Don’t forget the sunscreen!

12 What about a treasure hunt?! Stock up on small and cheap “treasures” while you’re at the grocery or dollar store. Write down clues that are simple with familiar “hunting spots” If they can’t read yet, draw pictures to send them to the next spot Get the neighborhood kiddos involved!

13 Get out to play in! Don’t forget those handy indoor playgrounds! Mcdonald’s Chic-fil-a Burger King Oh and what about good old Chuck E. Cheese!

14 Picnic time! Pack a picnic lunch and sit in the comfort of your own front yard! Check out your city map and go to a park that your family hasn’t been to before! Don’t forget the sunscreen and bug spray!

15 Other outdoor activities Water balloon fight Lemonade stand Neighborhood talent show Make home-made ice cream Pitch a tent in the backyard and have a camp out

16 Let the fun begin! The end

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