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Athens June 2 2012 Innovative Strategies for Customer Outreach Global Summit of Women.

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1 Athens June 2 2012 Innovative Strategies for Customer Outreach Global Summit of Women

2 Agenda 1.Customer Centric Model 2.Innovation-best practices 3.Communities 2

3 Customer Centric Model Creating a positive consumer experience at the point of sale and post-sale.consumerexperience point of sale A customer-centric approach can add value to a company by enabling it to differentiate itself from competitors who do not offer the same experience.value company competitorsoffer 3

4 4 key aspects of Customer. 4 Channels: Choice and integration Product : Simple and easy Incident management Fast and effective Communication: Ask, listen, act… How can we innovate?

5 Innovation Best Practices

6 Case 1: BBVA- Global Bank 6 Retail Bank group +150 years Leader in Spain 1st Financial institution in Mexico Top 15 banks in USA in deposits volume presence in +30 countries 104.000 employees 47M clients 900.000 shareholders Innovation centre since 2005

7 BBVA 7 Through Easybank Concept, BBVA is integrating all distribution channels to focus on the client driving freedom of choice

8 BBVA 8 BBVA has designed the office of the future, a shopping space that is just another channel

9 BBVA 9 BBVA is an example of how you can integrate channels to acquire, serve and engage your clients

10 Case 2: VITALIA- Healthcare medium Company 10 Network of Elderly day care center 2004 by Entrepreneur Catalina Hoffman Innovative Hoffman Method Franchise business model 35 centers in Spain Plan to open in Mexico, Colombia & Brazil Case study in HBS

11 VITALIA: Service/product innovation 11 Clients (2) needs not fulfilled were the basis of the Hoffman method. Holistic approach for elderly care. Hoffman method, intelectual property Initial Assessment and multidiscipline follow up Personalized treatment Short, medium and L-Term goals Treatment implementation Monthly follow up reports Familiy schools

12 VITALIA: Communication 12 Vitalia has innovated in Customer communication channels both for acquisition and engagement Content Marketing - Generates relevant contents and stories- Media Coverage. Own TV and radio Programs Access to clients progress through web platform. Social media (twitter, facebook) to engage clients and provide information of interest

13 Case 3: OnRetrieval 13 Small Spanish company specialized in data recovery in devices and operative systems. Funded in 2005 Presence in Spain, Latin America and Israel Tech partners in different countries (Spain, USA, Canada, Russia) Small structure, highly de-localize

14 OnRetrieval: Social Media 14 How a small company can maximize social media and new technology to reach customers 24x7 Customer service through telephone, email, chat, Skype, Facebook and twitter. Provides relevant and very specialized contents for clients and prospects through twitter, YouTube and its blog (do´s and don'ts, news, offers, etc) Maximizes social media potential outsourcing google positioning (SEO) and uses tools to find semantics related to its service to proactively approach potential clients.

15 OnRetrieval : Pricing 15 OnRetrieval operates on a success fee based strategy that has proven to be very successful Devises Collection, delivery and budget are free. OnRetrieval only charges the customer if data has been recovered (96%) Since implementing this strategy budget acceptances had increased from 60% to 80%.

16 Communities

17 Benefits 17 Look for the communities that fit your business needs (sectors, geography, goals) Participate and share Be aware of new business and customer trends Learn, Business Schools To innovate we need to be updated, constantly searching for new ideas and have the right network

18 Global Summit 18

19 Red Innova 19 Annual Global Conference for Tech Entrepreneurs that provides access to unique speakers, investors and workshops in New York, Brazil and Spain.

20 INICIADOR 20 Entrepreneurs network which goals are promoting and facilitating entrepreneurship. Started in Spain and has recently been launched in Silicon Valley and Tokyo. Monthly meetings Special events Access to experts and investors

21 21

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