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October 8, 2014 Doug Harrison President & CEO VersaCold Logistics Services P RESENTATION T O 2014 T RANSPORTATION C ONFERENCE.

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1 October 8, 2014 Doug Harrison President & CEO VersaCold Logistics Services P RESENTATION T O 2014 T RANSPORTATION C ONFERENCE

2 Page 2 V ERSA C OLD B USINESS U NITS E ND TO E ND S UPPLY C HAIN S OLUTIONS FOR T EMPERATURE SENSITIVE PRODUCTS VersaCold Third Party Logistics Dedicated Facilities Dedicated Contract Carriage Customized Engineered Solutions Fully integrated logistics services VersaCold Transportation Solutions (asset based) LTL & Dedicated Carriage LTL-Road & Intermodal (Frozen, Refrigerated) TL (Frozen, Refrigerated) Dedicated Contract Carriage Dedicated Store Delivery VersaCold Transportation Management Solutions & 4PL (non asset) Intermodal TL (Frozen, Refrigerated, Ambient) Domestic & Cross Border TL (Frozen, Refrigerated, Ambient) Transportation Management Fully Managed Supply Chain Solutions (4PL) VersaCold Distributor Services Specialized Distributor of Frozen and Temperature Sensitive Food Products Inventory Planning & Replenishment Marketing Support & Merchandising DSD and other Transportation capabilities Warehousing & Cross Docking VersaCold Logistics Solutions (Warehousing) Frozen Refrigerated Ambient Value Added; Labeling & Packaging Reverse Logistics & Recall Management Cross Docking Inventory Management

3 Page 3 T RENDS Industry Segment Greater focus on product quality and food safety - Far greater regulatory requirements in Canada as well as Globally Recall management Consolidation of both the retailer and producer segments Focus on “control” of the supply chain but also greater interest in co-operation Focus on cost but more so efficiency & bottom line

4 Page 4 T RENDS Supply Chain Globalization of supply chain Greater integration of technology and use of technology - Increased outsourcing - Advanced planning & execution management - Self service & reporting - Remote sensing Increased speed, fill rates and velocity Growth of fresh foods and premium products Capital, profitability through markets Greater complexity

5 Page 5 T RENDS Provider Continued growth in outsourcing Provider industry is consolidating Cost pressures higher than rate of inflation primarily driven by: - Energy costs - Talent Providers focusing on market segments & focused service offering Tightening Capacity

6 Page 6 H OW IS V ERSA C OLD RESPONDING ? Our goal is to work closely with our clients to provide value to their organization by; - A consultative approach - In depth modeling - beyond an RFP - Expertise Supply Chain Food Safety Technology And others…….. - Ability to evolve as our clients needs evolve - Capital - intellectual and financial - Investments in people and assets

7 Page 7 S UPPLY C HAIN S OLUTIONS Engineering Work Standards Process Productivity Process Flow Mapping Standard Operating Procedure Warehouse Simulation Equipment Management within warehouse Warehouse Layout Continuous Improvement Process Engineering Asset and Equipment Utilization Route Engineering Network Modeling, Optimization & Simulation Facility Rationalization Growth and Strategic Planning Mode, Rate, Consolidation & Service Optimization Transportation Process Design Network Engineering Project Management from RFI to onboarding Customer Pricing & Costing Data Analysis and Management Supply Chain Solutions & Optimal Flow Development Information Systems integration Vendor Conversions and Implementation Qualification & Assessment for Business Development Customer Solutions

8 Page 8 O UR A PPROACH Upgraded and increased our levels of talent - Supply Chain Engineering - Operations - Technology - Customer Teams – Solutions Technology Investments - Efficiency & Execution - Recall Capability and Tracking - Data - Modelling

9 Page 9 O UR A PPROACH Operations - Integration of services and supply chain to reduce cost and increase speed & reliability - SOP’s focused on; Service Process Food Safety - Far greater complexity in requirements and customization - Equipment Mutli Temp Trailer Equipment Advanced Sensing

10 Page 10 O UR A PPROACH Sustainability - Lighting & Boilers - Paperless-use of EDI and tablets for capture - Transportation Equipment Reefer and Temperature monitoring Energy Usage Equipment

11 Page 11 Thank You

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