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FuTech Systems - 2013. Business & Engineering Solutions Technology Group Business & Engineering Solutions Technology Group is a Business Group that involves.

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1 FuTech Systems - 2013

2 Business & Engineering Solutions Technology Group Business & Engineering Solutions Technology Group is a Business Group that involves through its subsidiary companies the business & engineering solutions technology by leading software products in the field of business, engineering applications and technology management. CIT Transportation Group

3 BEST Group Vision “Be a high – integrity partner, providing world – class Technology brands & Solutions into emerging market and focusing on customer Satisfaction” Providing innovative business and engineering solutions consultancy that empowers our customers and business partners to achieve their goals, through our leading companies in Engineering and Information technology fields.

4 BEST Group Mission Delivering and Implementing collaborative and results-driven comprehensive integrated software solutions which are integrated and tailored to the needs of the various professions, supported by our professional services which follow the international standards in order to sustain our business partners' investments. Our Mission solutions and services are extended to multiple business disciplines: – Engineering Design Platforms – Infrastructure Operation & Maintenance Management. – Enterprise Resources Planning (ERP). – Smart Buildings & Facility Management. – Consultancy, Assessment & Re-engineering Services.

5 Our Business BEST Group BEST Group is dedicated to creating & developing innovative solutions, efficient processes and superior professional services with high knowledge, unique knowhow across different business & engineering applications. BESTGroup BEST Group is guided by a simple philosophy, strong values and high ethical standards that direct our work every day. BESTGroup BEST Group crew devote their talent, knowledge and knowhow to creating and developing superior products and services. BESTGroup In BEST Group everything we do, we strive to provide our business partners agile best-in-class business solutions.

6 Our Foundation of Success Our Strengths Up-to-date Technology Understand Business Pain Chain Global Standards Consultancy & Professional Services Customers are business partners Research & Development Teamwork

7 Geo Graphical Coverage

8 Our Technology Partners CIT Transportation Group

9 Our Business Partners

10 FuTech Systems Enterprise Asset management & Engineering Software Solutions Service Provider located in Egypt & Saudi Arabia. FuTech-Systems FuTech-Systems mission is to offer customers superior Software Business solutions supported by up-to-date Deployment Services, highly skilled, talented & certified staff and supported with a strong organization structure to serve the emerging maintenance market.

11 FuTech Systems Structure CEO Marketing & Sales Director Pre-Sales & Products Specialists Maximo Oracle Bentley AutoDesk Sales Operations Director Professional Services Training Technical Support IT Application Deployment Business Consultants Research & Development Business Consulting Projects Management Business Development Committee Finance & Administration

12 FuTech Systems FuTech Systems FuTech Systems All FuTech Systems Products are International well known Products, produced by reputable companies and supported by FuTech Systems Professional Services (P.S). Our Professional Services follows Standard Methodology in implementing such solutions, continue support and provide services required in order to sustain client investment.

13 FuTech Systems - Products BENTLEY

14 Maximo Asset Management Maximo Asset Management is a software business application which is web- based tool including database From a single platform you can perform all the business management processes CIT Transportation Group

15 FuTech Systems - Products BENTLEY – ProjectWise (EDMS)

16 FuTech Systems - Products Oracle – e Business Suite

17 On Road Services “ Help” CIT Transportation Group

18 Mobile Application “ Help” CIT Transportation Group

19 Call Center Application “ Help” CIT Transportation Group

20 FuTech Systems Fields of Specialization Engineering Consultancy and Services Software Deployment & Localization Engineering Solutions for Industries & Facilities Business Development Consulting Services

21 FuTech Systems Unified Methodology – (FSUM) Outlines FuTech Systems Unified Methodology has evolved to become the single methodology for all FuTech Systems Professional Services projects 1.Project Management Approach 2.Solutions Applications Implementation & Deployment 3.External Systems Integration 4.Project Final Acceptance Planning Closing Executing Monitoring & Controlling Initiating

22 Function Implementation Core Mechanism FuTech Systems Unified Methodology FuTech Systems Unified Methodology processes and employs an iterative and incremental approach to implementing systems' function.

23 Iterations through the various FSUM processes. As indicated by the amount and depth of shading of each box, you can see how the focus and the volume of the work changes for each process as we progress through each of the iterations. Function Implementation Core Mechanism

24 FuTech Systems Professional Services – Project Management – Asset / Inventory Data Engineering – Process / Functions Gap Analysis – Software Customization – Data Conversion – Systems Integration – Technical Support – Training

25 How we work? Actively Listens to our customers, providing effective solutions to improve their business Provide superior services through our team's experience, expertise, and hard work We utilize the best of the practice approach of the global standard for project management to deliver consistent results

26 How we work? Establish long-term relationships by ensuring 100% customer satisfaction from implementation, support through to future upgrades We tackle problems that some competitors regard as too difficult. We never give up Invest heavily in our systems add - on Solutions, people and skills, so that we can offer the best possible service from the best consultants in the market.

27 Target Market Segments Oil & Gas Industry Food & Beverages Industry Manufacturing ( Car Assembly, Home Appliances,…..) Utilities & Infrastructure ( Power Gen./Dist., Water & West Water) Facilities & Hotels

28 Our Team of Professionals Bentley Solutions Consultants MAXIMO / Oracle EAM Solution Consultants Engineering Consultants Training Consultants Data Engineering Specialists Software Developers Project Leaders & Managers Business Consultants Systems Integration Consultants

29 Our Edges Gain access to world-class capabilities Ensure best practices, skills and technology Reduce and control capital, labor and operating costs Cross Industries Success Implementation Experience Faster turn-around & guaranteed on-time delivery Get assurance of the strict confidentiality of your data


31 Thank You Q & A

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